Yoga Girl

  • Filename: yoga-girl.
  • ISBN: 9783426437100
  • Release Date: 2016-02-25
  • Number of pages: 192
  • Author: Rachel Brathen
  • Publisher: Knaur Balance eBook

Rachel Brathen steht für einen neuen Yoga-Lifestyle und ist dank Instagram weltweit bekannt. Die 1989 geborene Schwedin fand ihre Wahlheimat auf der karibischen Paradiesinsel Aruba. Unter dem Namen "Yoga Girl" präsentiert sie in ihrem gleichnamigen und autobiografischen Buch ein Yoga-Programm, das ihr selbst geholfen hat, Frieden, Freiheit und Liebe im Leben zu finden. In sieben Kapiteln spricht sie über Yoga für jeden Tag, über Selbstliebe und Selbstakzeptanz, über den Flow des Lebens und Spiritualität in der modernen Welt. Jedes Kapitel enthält Yoga-Sequenzen, Rezepte, Meditationen und Atemtechniken. "Yoga Girl" ist für alle, die bereits aktiv Yoga machen, für Anfänger oder einfach für Menschen, die sich für inspirierende Lebensgeschichten interessieren.

Yoga Girl

  • Filename: yoga-girl.
  • ISBN: 3426675137
  • Release Date: 2016-03-01
  • Number of pages: 176
  • Author: Rachel Brathen
  • Publisher:

Yoga Girl

  • Filename: yoga-girl.
  • ISBN: 9781483459776
  • Release Date: 2016-11-07
  • Number of pages:
  • Author: Dana Dowell
  • Publisher:

Rylie Rose just moved to California from Singapore. While she struggles to find her place in her new life, Rylie's only best friend is her dog, Sadie, who keeps her company while she swims, plays soccer, dances, and pretends to be a movie star. Rylie is unfortunately used to other kids teasing her at school. All she wants is to make one new friend. One day when she tries a yoga class, things finally begin to shift for Rylie. As her life transforms from boring and lonely to centered and focused, Rylie begins to feel happy, confident, and full of energy. But will she ever be able to make new friends? In this delightful tale, a young girl gains a greater understanding of how her mind and body can work together to achieve joy, liveliness, and inner-strength through the practice of yoga.

Yoga Girls Club

  • Filename: yoga-girls-club.
  • ISBN: 9780857012067
  • Release Date: 2015-02-21
  • Number of pages: 192
  • Author: Tiffani Bryant
  • Publisher: Singing Dragon

Yoga Girls' Club is a non-judgemental and fun environment for self-exploration where girls and young women can feel empowered to manage the changes, challenges and social pressures of teen life with confidence and self-awareness. The interactive workbook format introduces girls to yoga and meditation and offers frequent opportunities for self-reflection through short drawing and writing exercises, enabling girls to explore who they are and what they believe, in a positive and affirming way. The book guides the reader through 43 illustrated, easy-to-follow yoga postures, each with unique benefits for health and wellbeing, as well as explaining different yogic breathing techniques and suggesting yoga sequences to help girls develop their own yoga routines. There are also 9 fun art activities designed to encourage creative expression. Ideal for tween and teen girls aged 11-17, this book will also provide practical tools for yoga instructors, school counsellors, psychotherapists, arts therapists and youthworkers wanting to explore identity, encourage body confidence and promote self-esteem with this age group.

Yoga Girl Power

  • Filename: yoga-girl-power.
  • ISBN: 1320077420
  • Release Date: 2009-11-12
  • Number of pages:
  • Author: Gina Rose Barker-Merluzzi
  • Publisher:

Within the the parameter of her four walls Yoga Girl expresses her thoughts on yoga poses, life and anything else that comes to mind. Namaste, from Yoga Girl Power

Strike a Pose

  • Filename: strike-a-pose.
  • ISBN: 155337004X
  • Release Date: 2007
  • Number of pages: 96
  • Author: Karen Birkemoe
  • Publisher:

The third book in the Planet Girl series demystifies yoga and shows how this form of exercise can help girls focus, de-stress, and avoid sports-related injuries.

Yoga Fan Girl

  • Filename: yoga-fan-girl.
  • ISBN: 9781457527869
  • Release Date: 2015-05-19
  • Number of pages: 240
  • Author: Leonora Scelfo
  • Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing

Leonora Brace Scelfo was born and raised in Pacific Palisades, California. She loves spicy tuna hand-rolls with avocado, Marc Jacobs, Nora Ephron, Woody Allen, Larry David, Gary Shandling, Albert Brooks, and Howard Stern. She is basically like a Jewish lady - in her late 70's. Yoga Fan Girl, is her first book. Oh, and she was the cheerleader in the bathroom in the first "Scream" film. Her scene was 30 seconds.

Beauty Yoga for Girls

  • Filename: beauty-yoga-for-girls.
  • ISBN: 8183280021
  • Release Date: 2007-03-16
  • Number of pages: 133
  • Author: Seema Sondhi
  • Publisher:

This yoga book, written in a concise and easy-to follow manner, helps you tackle the peculiar problems associated with girls in teens, like PMS. There are asanas to help your radiant skin glow better, figure correction and height improvement; indeed, everything to help you have a beautiful body and a beautiful soul. For, a beautiful 'young lady' like you deserves all the beautiful things in the world.

A Girl s Guide to Yoga

  • Filename: a-girl-s-guide-to-yoga.
  • ISBN: 0764128396
  • Release Date: 2004
  • Number of pages: 78
  • Author: Jeanne Finestone
  • Publisher: Barron's Educational Series

A guide for teenage girls provides instructions on poses, breathing exercises, and meditation used in a hatha yoga session.

Strong Girl

  • Filename: strong-girl.
  • ISBN: 9781491421222
  • Release Date: 2015-01-01
  • Number of pages: 64
  • Author: Rebecca Rissman
  • Publisher: Capstone

"Presents yoga poses designed to promote strength"--

Yin Yang

  • Filename: yin-yang.
  • ISBN: 1541299175
  • Release Date: 2016-12-26
  • Number of pages: 110
  • Author: Joy Tree Joy Tree Journals
  • Publisher:

This yin yang yoga notebook has ample room inside for writing notes and ideas. It can be used as a notebook, journal or composition book. This paperback notebook is 8.5" x 11" (letter size) and has 55 pages that are ruled with lines on the front and back.

Calm Girl

  • Filename: calm-girl.
  • ISBN: 9781491421215
  • Release Date: 2015-01-01
  • Number of pages: 64
  • Author: Rebecca Rissman
  • Publisher: Capstone

"Presents various yoga poses and breathing techniques designed to promote stress relief and a calm state of mind"--

Dein Yoga dein Leben

  • Filename: dein-yoga-dein-leben.
  • ISBN: 9783426428849
  • Release Date: 2015-02-25
  • Number of pages: 304
  • Author: Tara Stiles
  • Publisher: Knaur MensSana eBook

Tara Stiles unterrichtet Yoga nach dem Prinzip: kein Stress, mehr Spaß. In ihrem neuen Buch kombiniert sie drei Bausteine, die zu einem glücklichen und strahlenden Leben führen: Yoga, Meditation und gesunde Ernährung. Die Yoga-Rebellin schreibt nichts vor, sie inspiriert. Ihre wichtigste Botschaft dabei: Folge nicht fremden Regeln, die nicht zu dir passen. Bestimme selbst, wie du Yoga übst, wann du entspannst und was du isst. Es geht um dein Leben und dein Yoga.

Smart Girl

  • Filename: smart-girl.
  • ISBN: 9781491421192
  • Release Date: 2015-01-01
  • Number of pages: 64
  • Author: Rebecca Rissman
  • Publisher: Capstone

"Presents various yoga poses designed to promote alertness and brain power"--

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