Yes Chef

  • Filename: yes-chef.
  • ISBN: 9781405526517
  • Release Date: 2013-06-06
  • Number of pages: 336
  • Author: Marcus Samuelsson
  • Publisher: Hachette UK

Travel to Marcus Samuelsson's Red Rooster restaurant in Harlem and you will find a truly diverse, multiracial dining room - where presidents and prime ministers rub elbows with jazz musicians, aspiring artists, bus drivers and nurses. It is also a place where an orphan from Ethiopia, raised in Sweden, living in America, can finally feel at home. Samuelsson was only three years old when he, his mother, and his sister, all battling tuberculosis, walked seventy-five miles to a hospital in the Ethiopian capital city of Addis Adaba. Tragically, his mother succumbed to the disease shortly after she arrived, but Marcus and his sister recovered, and one year later they were welcomed into a new family in Göteborg, Sweden. It was there that his new grandmother, Helga, sparked in him a lifelong passion for food - from a very early age, there was little question what Marcus was going to be when he grew up. He made his way to the US via some of the most demanding and cutthroat restaurants in Switzerland and France, taking in some gruelling stints on cruise ships before becoming executive chef at Aquavit in New York, where at the age of 24 he became the youngest chef ever to be awarded a coveted three-star rating from the New York Times. His profile has only continued to grow from there - he's cooked state dinners for Barack Obama, runs seven restaurants including the phenomenally popular Red Rooster in Harlem, and has appeared on numerous television shows including Top Chef Masters, which he won, beating 21 world-class chefs in the process. His profile is set to rise internationally as his reputation grows, and as his incredible story is told.

Yes Chef

  • Filename: yes-chef.
  • ISBN: 9780857978653
  • Release Date: 2014-07-14
  • Number of pages: 280
  • Author: Lisa Joy
  • Publisher: Penguin UK

Sassy foodie Becca Stone is over her job taking reservations in one of London's most successful restaurant empires. So when she is unexpectedly catapulted into working as PA to celebrity chef, Damien Malone, it seems like the opportunity of a lifetime. Becca is quickly caught up in an exciting whirlwind of travel, reality TV and opening nights, and even her usually abysmal love life takes a turn for the better. But as Becca is slowly consumed by the chaos of life in the spotlight, she begins to lose touch with her friends, her heart and even with reality. Working with Damien has its challenges and she is soon struggling with his increasingly outrageous demands and sleazy advances, all while managing the ridiculous requests of his self-centered wife. It takes a disastrous trip to Italy for Becca to realize that she may have thrown away exactly what she's been looking for all along. Inspired by real-life adventures, this deliciously funny and romantic story reveals a tantalizing glimpse of the trendy restaurant scene: a world where chefs are treated like rock stars, and cooking isn't all that goes on in the kitchen.

Yes Chef

  • Filename: yes-chef.
  • ISBN: 1921462817
  • Release Date: 2012
  • Number of pages: 220
  • Author: Phillip McMillan
  • Publisher:

It's a wonder Phillip McMillan ever became a chef at all, given that his introduction to food as a child was of leathery meat and over-boiled vegetables. However, his world was expanded after first sighting exotic food (a humble eggplant) in his local Italian greengrocer. From that moment on he was smitten.

Yes Chef A BBW BDSM erotic short story

  • Filename: yes-chef-a-bbw-bdsm-erotic-short-story.
  • ISBN:
  • Release Date: 101-01-01
  • Number of pages: 19
  • Author: Piper Tait
  • Publisher: Piper Tait

Melody is the routine loving manager of a small restaurant who loves to play by the rules. Damian is the sexy, hot shot chef hired against her wishes who promises to stir things up in the kitchen. What happens when the lights turn down and the service is over? This is is an erotic short story starring a BBW who has a light introduction into the world of BDSM courtesy of her Chef. Approximately 5,700 words.

A Christmas Feast

  • Filename: a-christmas-feast.
  • ISBN: 9781473518049
  • Release Date: 2014-12-04
  • Number of pages: 416
  • Author: Katie Fforde
  • Publisher: Random House

A delicious Christmas feast of short stories from the Sunday Times No. 1 bestselling author of A French Affair and The Perfect Match. Add some extra sparkle to your Christmas by joining Katie Fforde for a perfect, romantic Christmas feast of short stories. Collected together for the first time and including one brand new story. Make your Christmas wishes come true... Includes an exclusive sneak preview of Katie's new novel, A Vintage Wedding.

Der 4 Stunden K chen Chef

  • Filename: der-4-stunden-k-chen-chef.
  • ISBN: 9783956230868
  • Release Date: 2015-01-12
  • Number of pages: 656
  • Author: Timothy Ferriss
  • Publisher: GABAL Verlag GmbH

New-York-Times-Bestsellerautor Tim Ferriss’ Spezialität ist es, uns zu zeigen, wie wir die größten Erfolge mit dem geringsten Aufwand und in kürzester Zeit erzielen. Ob im Job, bei der Körperfitness oder eben beim Kochen. Anhand des Kochenlernens macht uns Ferriss mit dem »Metalernen« vertraut, einem Schritt-für-Schritt-Verfahren, mittels dessen Sie beliebige Dinge erlernen können, sei es die Steakzubereitung oder das Werfen von Dreipunktern im Basketball. - Das ist das eigentliche »Rezept« in Der 4-Stunden-(Küchen-)Chef. Sie werden in der Küche für alle Dinge außerhalb der Küche trainieren. Der 4-Stunden-(Küchen-)Chef ist ein Kochbuch für Menschen, die keine Kochbücher kaufen. Es enthält unzählige Tipps und Tricks von Schachwunderkindern, weltberühmten Küchenchefs, Spitzensportlern, Meistersommeliers und Supermodels, um nur einige wenige zu nennen.


  • Filename: ascanio.
  • ISBN: OXFORD:600069625
  • Release Date: 1859
  • Number of pages: 161
  • Author: Alexandre Dumas
  • Publisher:

Fully Committed

  • Filename: fully-committed.
  • ISBN: 0822217686
  • Release Date: 2001
  • Number of pages: 58
  • Author: Becky Mode
  • Publisher: Dramatists Play Service Inc

THE STORY: This devastatingly funny one act follows a day in the life of Sam Peliczowski, an out-of-work actor who mans the red-hot reservation line at Manhattan's number-one restaurant. Coercion, threats, bribes, histrionics--a cast of desperate ca

Under the Table

  • Filename: under-the-table.
  • ISBN: 9781416566199
  • Release Date: 2009-04-14
  • Number of pages: 384
  • Author: Katherine Darling
  • Publisher: Simon and Schuster

A deliciously entertaining memoir about one woman's adventures in the student kitchens of the legendary French Culinary Institute -- flavored with celebrity chefs, eccentric characters, and mouthwatering recipes To anyone who has ever dreamed of life in a French kitchen, imagining days filled with puff pastry and sips of vintage wine, Katherine Darling serves up a savory dose of reality in this funny, fascinating, and altogether delightful account of her time spent slaving over a hot stove, wrestling with veal calves, and cleaning fish heads at the French Culinary Institute in downtown New York City. As she goes from clueless amateur to certified chef, Katherine and her quirky fellow students learn the secrets behind the art of French cooking and frequently find themselves the objects of scorn and ridicule as their teachers wage psychological warfare over steaming pots of bisque. The kitchen, they soon discover, is no place for soft-hearted romantics. It's a cutthroat world, and no one ever made a soufflé without breaking a few eggs -- or cracking a few heads together. From the basics to the final exam, Darling reveals everything that goes into the making of a chef. Filled with delicious food lore and trivia, and including dozens of classic and original French recipes, Under the Table takes readers deep into the trenches of one of the world's most prestigious cooking schools -- and shows what really goes on behind the doors of every great restaurant kitchen.

The Poison Factory

  • Filename: the-poison-factory.
  • ISBN: 9781847174932
  • Release Date: 2012-09-14
  • Number of pages: 96
  • Author: Oisín McGann
  • Publisher: The O'Brien Press

Deep in the cellars of the O'Brien Press is a safe that contained stories too horrible to be read. But somebody has broken into that safe and the stories have been released. This is one of those Forbidden Files. 'They called it 'The Fart Factory', it smelled so bad. The Kanker & Byle Chemical Company was a towering heap of buildings and pipes and walkways, just piled on top of each other. Then somebody had stuck some chimneys on the top, like candles on the world's ugliest birthday cake'. When the Root Street Gang lose their football in the Kanker & Byle Chemical Factory, Gaz sends his little brother Joey in to get it back. And then they lose Joey. Faced with returning home without his brother and facing his Mam's wrath, Gaz has no choice but to lead his friends Hayley and Damo into the factory to find Joey and their football. But this is no ordinary factory, and in no time at all, Gaz, Hayley and Damo encounter the living dead, giant insects, and a man with the most disgusting job in the world. But there is an even worse fate awaiting them at the end of their search!

Kitchen Bitch

  • Filename: kitchen-bitch.
  • ISBN: 9781456887834
  • Release Date: 2011-04-08
  • Number of pages: 181
  • Author: Tony Chavez
  • Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

In a world dominated by master chefs, kitchen gods, and culinary idols, the story of the humble beginning of a cook is often overlooked or underappreciated. Tony Chavez narrates his own account of what it is to discover great food and adapt to the kitchen lifestyle that inevitably follows. Unquestioning obedience to the vision of a demanding, maniacal chef, and sweaty hours under the tutelage of the brigade of arrogant, exuberant, insane cooks, is what our young hero encounters in his introduction to the professional world of cooking.

Today s Special

  • Filename: today-s-special.
  • ISBN: 9780755353040
  • Release Date: 2012-02-02
  • Number of pages: 187
  • Author: A.M. Goldsher
  • Publisher: Hachette UK

Another perfect recipe for quirky, funny and original romance from one of LBD's original stars, A.M. Goldsher. Chef Anna Rowan is living her personal dream, running chi-chi restaurant TART with her boyfriend (and general manager) Byron Smith. It seems like being the stars of a reality-TV show about a restaurant can only be a good thing - they've got nothing to hide, right? Unfortunately, while the restaurant may not have any secret problems, maybe Anna and Byron do - and under the hot glare of the TV cameras, there's really nowhere to hide...

Pizza Love and Other Stuff That Made Me Famous

  • Filename: pizza-love-and-other-stuff-that-made-me-famous.
  • ISBN: 9780805096347
  • Release Date: 2012-08-21
  • Number of pages: 240
  • Author: Kathryn Williams
  • Publisher: Henry Holt and Company (BYR)

Sixteen-year-old Sophie Nicolaides was practically raised in the kitchen of her family's Italian-Greek restaurant, Taverna Ristorante. When her best friend, Alex, tries to persuade her to audition for a new reality show, Teen Test Kitchen, Sophie is reluctant. But the prize includes a full scholarship to one of America's finest culinary schools and a summer in Napa, California, not to mention fame. Once on set, Sophie immediately finds herself in the thick of the drama—including a secret burn book, cutthroat celebrity judges, and a very cute French chef. Sophie must figure out a way to survive all the heat and still stay true to herself. A terrific YA offering—fresh, fun, and sprinkled with romance.

Chasing Daisy

  • Filename: chasing-daisy.
  • ISBN: 9781847399526
  • Release Date: 2009-08-10
  • Number of pages: 464
  • Author: Paige Toon
  • Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Daisy has just been unceremoniously dumped. But where better to recover than as far away from home as possible? Grabbing a chance to see the world, Daisy packs her bags and joins the team catering to the world's highest-paid, supercharged racing drivers on the Formula 1 Grand Prix circuit. From Brazil to Italy, from Melbourne to Monte Carlo, life passes in a dizzying whirlwind. But nothing - and no one - can stop Daisy from falling again - this time for a man who is prepared to risk his life, and his heart, for the sake of speed, danger and ultimate success. But Daisy also has a secret in her past and it's racing to catch up with her ...

Skinny Bitch in Love

  • Filename: skinny-bitch-in-love.
  • ISBN: 9781476708898
  • Release Date: 2014-02-04
  • Number of pages: 320
  • Author: Kim Barnouin
  • Publisher: Simon and Schuster

From the coauthor of the phenomenal #1 "New York Times" bestselling "Skinny Bitch" series--a clever novel "starring a sassy heroine" ("Kirkus Reviews"), a vegan chef struggling to make healthy choices both in and out of the kitchen. Clementine Cooper is a born vegan, com-mitted in every way to the healthy lifestyle she was raised with on her father's organic farm. But how bad could a little butter be? Bad enough to get the ambitious and talented sous chef fired when an influential food critic discovers dairy in Clem's butternut squash ravioli with garlic sage sauce. Though she was sabotaged by a backstab-bing coworker, Clem finds herself unceremo-niously blackballed from every vegan kitchen in L.A. Like any chef worth her salt, however, Clem knows how to turn lemons into delicious, cruelty-free lemonade cupcakes. She launches the Skinny Bitch Cooking School in hopes of soon opening her own cafe in an empty space near her apartment.

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