Why Mummy Drinks

  • Filename: why-mummy-drinks.
  • ISBN: 9780008237509
  • Release Date: 2017-10-19
  • Number of pages: 352
  • Author: Gill Sims
  • Publisher: HarperCollins

Why Mummy Drinks is the brilliant novel from Gill Sims, the author of the online sensation Peter and Jane.

Why Mommy Drinks

  • Filename: why-mommy-drinks.
  • ISBN: 9780008267452
  • Release Date: 2017-11-21
  • Number of pages: 352
  • Author: Gill Sims
  • Publisher: HarperCollins

Why Mommy Drinks is the brilliant novel from Gill Sims, the author of the online sensation Peter and Jane.

Beneath the Cypress Tree

  • Filename: beneath-the-cypress-tree.
  • ISBN: 9781447248699
  • Release Date: 2017-03-23
  • Number of pages:
  • Author: Margaret Pemberton
  • Publisher: Pan Macmillan

A war that could turn friends into enemies, lovers into fighters . . . Summer 1935. Best friends Kate Shelton, Ella Tetley and Daphne St. Maur are on the cusp of a new life, having graduated with Classics degrees. Kate is desperate to start work on an archaeological dig straightaway and she is thrilled to be given a position at the famous Knossos palace site in Crete. However, she doesn't bargain for working with gruff site director Lewis Sinclair - nor for her own complex feelings towards him. In Yorkshire, Ella's family expect her to marry Sam, her steady friend who is training to be a doctor, but Ella too feels pulled to the Mediterranean by the promise of freedom. When she meets Christos, life as a country GP's wife seems even less appealing . . . Daphne however throws herself into London's high society, falling madly in love with diplomat and heir Sholto Hertford - but then his work brings them to Crete, and Daphne becomes enchanted by the island as well. Meanwhile, the threat of war rumbles on, as reports of Hitler's rapid expansion across Europe become impossible to ignore. It seems that nothing can touch the perfect, glittering sea and snow-capped mountains, but Kate, Ella and Daphne know that the island haven they now call home will never be the same again.

Schloss aus Glas

  • Filename: schloss-aus-glas.
  • ISBN: 9783455810516
  • Release Date: 2012-04-19
  • Number of pages: 382
  • Author: Jeannette Walls
  • Publisher: Hoffmann und Campe

Jeannette Walls ist ein glückliches Kind: Sie hat einen Vater, der mit ihr auf Dämonenjagd geht, ihr die Physik erklärt und die Sterne vom Himmel holt. Da nimmt sie gerne in Kauf, immer mal wieder mit leerem Bauch ins Bett zu gehen, ihre egomanische Künstlermutter zu ertragen oder in Nacht-und-Nebel-Aktionen den Wohnort zu wechseln. Mit den Jahren allerdings werden die sozialen Verhältnisse schlimmer, die Sprüche des Vaters schaler und das Lügengebäude der Eltern so zerbrechlich wie das Schloss aus Glas, das der Vater jahrelang zu bauen versprochen hatte.

Dad s Life

  • Filename: dad-s-life.
  • ISBN: 9780755396559
  • Release Date: 2012-08-16
  • Number of pages: 246
  • Author: Dave Hill
  • Publisher: Hachette UK

Confessions of an imperfect father... Dave Hill's Dad's Life is a witty, touching account of single fatherhood, and the highs and lows of being a dad. Perfect for fans of David Nicholls' Us or Graeme Simsion's The Rosie Project. 'A witty and upbeat look at the joys of single fatherhood' - The Big Issue Joseph Stone loves being a father to his 3 young children but finds he has to radically revise his Perfect Father game plan when his partner leaves him and he is left to bring them up on his own. Surely Single Fatherhood is no more onerous than running the local football team? But instead of 4-4-2, he's dealing with 11 and 3/4s, 8 and 6. And then he meets and falls hopelessly in love with Angela and has another child by her, but when his previous partner returns, wanting more involvement with her children, Joseph's life threatens to turn into a chaos of competing needs and domestic mayhem. What does a real man do in these circumstances to avoid relegation to the lower divisions of the paternal sub-species? What readers are saying about Dad's Life: 'Quite simply the best book I've read this year' 'Dad's Life is the perfect book for everyone' 'Enjoyable, witty and well observed' 'A really delightful, funny and honest story... You couldn't do better for a smart and entertaining read'

Becoming My Mother s Daughter

  • Filename: becoming-my-mother-s-daughter.
  • ISBN: 9781554586912
  • Release Date: 2009-07-19
  • Number of pages: 188
  • Author: Erika Gottlieb
  • Publisher: Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press

Becoming My Mother’s Daughter: A Story of Survival and Renewal tells the story of three generations of a Jewish Hungarian family whose fate has been inextricably bound up with the turbulent history of Europe, from the First World War through the Holocaust and the communist takeover after World War II, to the family’s dramatic escape and emmigration to Canada. The emotional centre and narrative voice of the story belong to Eva, an artist, dreamer, and writer trying to work through her complex and deep relationship with her mother, whose portrait she cannot paint until she completes her journey through memory. The core of the book is Eva’s riveting recollection of the last months of World War II in Budapest, seen through a child’s eyes, and is reminiscent in its power of scenes in Joy Kogawa’s Obasan. Exploring the bond between generations of mothers and daughters, the book illustrates the struggle between the need for independence and the search for continuity, the significant impact of childhood on adult life, the reshaping of personality in immigration, the importance of dreams in making us face reality, and the redemptive power of memory. Illustrations by the author throughout the book, some in colour, enhance the story.

Mummy s Little Angels

  • Filename: mummy-s-little-angels.
  • ISBN: 9781473502338
  • Release Date: 2015-03-12
  • Number of pages: 320
  • Author: Denise Williams
  • Publisher: Random House

Losing a child is a mother’s worst nightmare, but when you lose two children – your innocent sons – at the hands of the man they should have trusted the most, it’s almost unimaginable. For Denise Williams this was her reality – her very real nightmare. In her harrowing yet inspiring memoir, she tells her personal story of falling under the spell of her control-freak husband, suffering a decade of domestic violence, finding the strength to leave and then his despicable act of revenge. Denise endured agonising grief and heavy guilt, but she has slowly rebuilt her life without her beautiful boys – learning to live, love and trust again. This is her heartbreaking memoir.

Poinciana Road

  • Filename: poinciana-road.
  • ISBN: 9781420141719
  • Release Date: 2016-10-25
  • Number of pages: 320
  • Author: Margaret Way
  • Publisher: Zebra

It’s been six years since Mallory James left Moonglade, a former sugar plantation in the shadow of Australia’s magnificent rain forest. Now love and loyalty have called her home—but unspeakable secrets may compel her to flee once more… A successful child psychologist, Mallory has no wish to return to the tropical hideaway where she experienced so much pain. But her Uncle Robert is ailing and it’s only right that she be there for the man who came to her rescue when she was a lost, lonely child. At least he is not alone—his protégé, and Mallory’s rival for his affections, is also at his side. Blaine Forrester hasn’t lost his knack for getting under Mallory’s skin, taking her breath away and leaving her unsettled at the same time. While Robert recuperates, Mallory is shocked to learn that Jason Cartwright is on the payroll of his estate—the very man whose humiliating betrayal led her to leave North Queensland on the eve of her wedding. Confronting him—along with his wife and his manipulative twin sister—is a trial, though she can’t help forming a bond with little Ivy, Jason’s sickly daughter. But as tragedy strikes Moonglade, Mallory and Blaine will discover a darkness hidden within this deceptively beautiful world and their enigmatic circle—one that will either unite them at last, or tear apart the promise of paradise… “If you’ve never read Margaret Way before, you’re in for a treat!” --New York Times bestselling author Diana Palmer

Gender Articulated

  • Filename: gender-articulated.
  • ISBN: 9781136045509
  • Release Date: 2012-11-12
  • Number of pages: 528
  • Author: Kira Hall
  • Publisher: Routledge

Gender Articulated is a groundbreaking work of sociolinguistics that forges new connections between language-related fields and feminist theory. Refuting apolitical, essentialist perspectives on language and gender, the essays presented here examine a range of cultures, languages and settings. They explicitly connect feminist theory to language research. Some of the most distinguished scholars working in the field of language and gender today discuss such topics as Japanese women's appropriation of "men's language," the literary representation of lesbian discourse, the silencing of women on the Internet, cultural mediation and Spanish use at New Mexican weddings and the uses of silence in the Anita Hill-Clarence Thomas hearings.

Teaching Modern Foreign Languages

  • Filename: teaching-modern-foreign-languages.
  • ISBN: 9781135378776
  • Release Date: 2014-07-10
  • Number of pages: 228
  • Author: Carol Morgan
  • Publisher: Routledge

Designed for all trainee and newly qualified teachers, teacher trainers and mentors, this volume provides a contemporary handbook for the teaching of modern foreign languages, covering Key Stages 2, 3 and 4 in line with current DfEE and TTA guidelines.

Die Mutter

  • Filename: die-mutter.
  • ISBN: 9783958700611
  • Release Date: 2014-12-08
  • Number of pages: 480
  • Author: Maxim Gorki
  • Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

Maxim Gorki\'s (1868 - 1936) richtiger Name war Alexei Maximowitsch Peschkow. Er war der Sohn eines Tischlers. Er bildete sich selbst durch Lesen, wanderte durch die Ukraine, die Krim und den Kaukasus, reiste nach Amerika und Westeuropa. \"Die Mutter\" ist ein halb dokumentarischer Roman von Maxim Gorki aus dem Jahr 1906/1907. Er handelt von dem revolutionären Kampf des jungen Arbeiters Pawel und der damit verbundenen proletarischen Bewusstseinsbildung seiner Mutter. Das Werk gilt als der erste und einer der wichtigsten Romane des Sozialistischen Realismus.

Singapore Noir

  • Filename: singapore-noir.
  • ISBN: 9781617752810
  • Release Date: 2014-05-12
  • Number of pages: 242
  • Author: Cheryl
  • Publisher: Akashic Books

Singapore is revealed in all of its noir glory!

Nasty Nice

  • Filename: nasty-nice.
  • ISBN: 9781412026147
  • Release Date: 2004
  • Number of pages: 116
  • Author: Tricia Rhodes
  • Publisher: Trafford Publishing

Nasty Nice The central character, Ruth, is someone whose life is dominated by fears of the secrets from her past being revealed. The struggle to contain them dominates her relationships with her husband, sister, grandmother, even her own children. Unexpectedly an event occurs which blows her world apart, forcing Ruth to develop complex strategies to preserve her world, and maintain the conspiracy of silence. As the story unfolds, the reader learns not only of Ruth's secrets, but also those in the family which have been kept from her. The climax of the story is Ruth being brought face to face with the ghost from her past. The impact of this strips Ruth bare of her usual strategies, and leads to her coming to terms with who she is - the real person behind the facade. Non-Negotiable This is the story of a man trapped by his own indecisiveness. Caught between events in the past and their impact on his present situation, he exists without a meaningful purpose. Feeling worthless he struggles to pay a penance for the guilt he bears, yet has never come to terms with the part he played in it, not the feeling she struggles to hide. Events take a turn when he is forced into facing his past, has the opportunity to confront. As the story unfolds, past, present and future are brought together for the man who is typical of our times. A modern man who feels control over his own life choices has been eroded. By whom, and with what consequence form the basis of the novel.

Helping Children with Troubled Parents

  • Filename: helping-children-with-troubled-parents.
  • ISBN: 9781351706568
  • Release Date: 2017-04-28
  • Number of pages: 244
  • Author: Margot Sunderland
  • Publisher: Routledge

This book is designed to enable practitioners to help children whose emotional wellbeing is being adversely affected by troubled parents. These are children who live with the burden of having to navigate their parent's troubled emotional states, often leaving them with a mass of painful feelings about a chaotic and disturbing world. They can feel alarmed by their parent rather than experiencing them as 'home', and a place of safety and solace. The author explores the fact that when parents are preoccupied with their own troubles, they are often unable to effectively address their child's core relational needs, e.g. soothing, validating, attunement, co-adventure, interactive play. As a result, children are left self-helping, which all too often means drugs, drink, self-harm, depression, anxiety, eating disorders or problems with anger in the teenage years. This guidebook offers readers a wealth of vital theory and effective interventions for working with these children and, specifically, the key feelings such children need help with. Particular focus is given to the effects on children of: family breakdown; separation and divorce; witnessing parents fighting; and parents who suffer from depression or anxiety, mental or physical ill-health, alcohol or drug addiction. Readers will learn: the complexity of children's feelings about their troubled parents; how to enable children to address their unspoken hurt, fear, grief, rage, and resentment about their troubled parent in order to move forward in their lives; how to empower children to find their voice when they have been left in the role of impotent bystander; effective parent-child intervention when parental troubles are adversely affecting the child; and how to help a parent and child 'find' each other again.

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