Under Pressure

  • Filename: under-pressure.
  • ISBN: 9781579657574
  • Release Date: 2016-10-25
  • Number of pages: 295
  • Author: Thomas Keller
  • Publisher: Artisan Books

A revolution in cooking Sous vide is the culinary innovation that has everyone in the food world talking. In this revolutionary new cookbook, Thomas Keller, America's most respected chef, explains why this foolproof technique, which involves cooking at precise temperatures below simmering, yields results that other culinary methods cannot. For the first time, one can achieve short ribs that are meltingly tender even when cooked medium rare. Fish, which has a small window of doneness, is easier to finesse, and shellfish stays succulent no matter how long it's been on the stove. Fruit and vegetables benefit, too, retaining color and flavor while undergoing remarkable transformations in texture. The secret to sous vide is in discovering the precise amount of heat required to achieve the most sublime results. Through years of trial and error, Keller and his chefs de cuisine have blazed the trail to perfection—and they show the way in this collection of never-before-published recipes from his landmark restaurants—The French Laundry in Napa Valley and per se in New York. With an introduction by the eminent food-science writer Harold McGee, and artful photography by Deborah Jones, who photographed Keller's best-selling The French Laundry Cookbook, this book will be a must for every culinary professional and anyone who wants to up the ante and experience food at the highest level.

Under Pressure

  • Filename: under-pressure.
  • ISBN: 9781409133056
  • Release Date: 2010-11-25
  • Number of pages: 304
  • Author: Carl Honore
  • Publisher: Hachette UK

A revealing portrait of how families are struggling to cope with the changing world of parenting and childhood, plus new solutions The parent screaming from the touchline at an eight-year-old to make an overlapping run; the pregnant mother playing Mozart to her unborn baby; the rigid schedule for babies, which develops into an agenda of activities for a young child - all these are familiar instances of hyper-parenting. With the pressure growing all the time for children to get into the best schools and universities, or to develop their nascent talents and become the next Tiger Woods or Williams sister, it has never been more difficult to be a child. In Carl Honore's brilliant follow-up to IN PRAISE OF SLOW he makes an impassioned call for parents and teachers to allow children to grow up at a slower rate. He takes us on a journey round the world in search of a new formula for parenting and childhood. He talks to a range of experts and sifts through the latest research to find what problems parents, teachers and children face, and to seek out the best solutions. Honore shows how 'slow parenting' will benefit both the child and the parents, and ensure that we create happier children and calmer parents.

Performing Under Pressure

  • Filename: performing-under-pressure.
  • ISBN: 9780804136730
  • Release Date: 2015-02-24
  • Number of pages: 320
  • Author: Hendrie Weisinger
  • Publisher: Crown Business

Nobody performs better under pressure. Regardless of the task, pressure ruthlessly diminishes our judgment, decision-making, attention, dexterity, and performance in every professional and personal arena. In Performing Under Pressure, Drs. Hendrie Weisinger and J.P. Pawliw-Fry introduce us to the concept of pressure management, offering empirically tested short term and long term solutions to help us overcome the debilitating effects of pressure. Performing Under Pressure tackles the greatest obstacle to personal success, whether in a sales presentation, at home, on the golf course, interviewing for a job, or performing onstage at Carnegie Hall. Despite sports mythology, no one "rises to the occasion" under pressure and does better than they do in practice. The reality is pressure makes us do worse, and sometimes leads us to fail utterly. But there are things we can do to diminish its effects on our performance. Performing Under Pressure draws on research from over 12,000 people, and features the latest research from neuroscience and from the frontline experiences of Fortune 500 employees and managers, Navy SEALS, Olympic and other elite athletes, and others. It offers 22 specific strategies each of us can use to reduce pressure in our personal and professional lives and allow us to better excel in whatever we do. Whether you’re a corporate manager, a basketball player, or a student preparing for the SAT, Performing Under Pressure will help you to do your best when it matters most.

Under Pressure

  • Filename: under-pressure.
  • ISBN: 9781460396124
  • Release Date: 2017-02-01
  • Number of pages: 384
  • Author: Lori Foster
  • Publisher: HQN Books

He can protect anything except his heart Leese Phelps's road hasn't been an easy one, but it's brought him to the perfect job—working for the elite Body Armor security agency. And what his newest assignment lacks in size, she makes up for in fire and backbone. But being drawn to Catalina Nicholson is a dangerous complication, especially since it could be the very man who hired Leese who's threatening her. What Catalina knows could get her killed. But who'd believe the sordid truth about her powerful stepfather? Beyond Leese's ripped body and brooding gaze is a man of impeccable honor. He's the last person she expects to trust—and the first who's ever made her feel safe. And he's the only one who can help her expose a deadly secret, if they can just stay alive long enough…

Contents Under Pressure

  • Filename: contents-under-pressure.
  • ISBN: 9781550226782
  • Release Date: 2004
  • Number of pages: 236
  • Author: Martin Popoff
  • Publisher: ECW Press

This is a detailed history of the exhaustive road experience of Canadian rock icons Rush. Celebrating the nad's 30th anniversary, this book features in-depth original interviews with Geddy Lee, Alex lifeson and Neil Peart. From the author of the Top 500 Heavy Metal Songs of All Time and the Top 500 Heavy Metal Albums of All Time, comes another authoritative piece of music journalism that will satisfy the curiosity of all fans of this enigmatic Canadian institution.

Binky Under Pressure

  • Filename: binky-under-pressure.
  • ISBN: 9781554537679
  • Release Date: 2011
  • Number of pages: 64
  • Author:
  • Publisher: Kids Can Press Ltd

When a new kitten is brought into his home, certified space cat Binky, determined to get rid of the intruder, is surprised to find out she is his boss.

Under Pressure

  • Filename: under-pressure.
  • ISBN: 9781466823389
  • Release Date: 2000-07-15
  • Number of pages: 544
  • Author: Abigail Reed
  • Publisher: Forge Books

The fashion business means long hours and high pressure, but there are billions of dollars in fashion--if you do it right. For a long time, Lou's done it right. That's meant taking credit for other people's ideas, shifting blame to his subordinates, and especially, controlling the women around him. They dress the way he wants, cut their hair the way he wants, even have sex with him...if they want to keep their jobs. Cilla is a prime example. Nearly fifty, she's been having sex with Lou for years. Now she's fallen in love with a man two decades her junior. She wants Lou out of her bed--but Lou's told Cilla that if she speaks up, he'll claim the sex was conensual and the other executives will take his word over hers. She'll be out of a job, with no prospects in their youth-oriented industry. Troubled, Cilla can't protect her new assistant, Karyn, from Lou's advances. At first, Karyn thinks she must have led him on, even though a new relationship is the last thing on her mind--she's too busy getting over a divorce and getting her daughter settled in a new town. But when Lou keeps touching her and making lewd suggestions, even after she's told him "No," Karyn gets frightened. Then she gets mad. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Under pressure

  • Filename: under-pressure.
  • ISBN: STANFORD:36105038938275
  • Release Date: 1965
  • Number of pages: 188
  • Author: Alfred Alvarez
  • Publisher:

Elephants Under Pressure

  • Filename: elephants-under-pressure.
  • ISBN: 9781429645348
  • Release Date: 2010-07-01
  • Number of pages: 32
  • Author: Kathy Allen
  • Publisher: Capstone

"Describes the cause and effect of elephant and human encounters"--Provided by publisher.

Egypt Under Pressure

  • Filename: egypt-under-pressure.
  • ISBN: 9171062556
  • Release Date: 1986
  • Number of pages: 152
  • Author: Marianne Laanatza
  • Publisher: Nordic Africa Institute

Performance Under Pressure

  • Filename: performance-under-pressure.
  • ISBN: 0874257417
  • Release Date: 2003-01-01
  • Number of pages: 160
  • Author: Heidi Wenk Sormaz
  • Publisher: Human Resource Development

This 160-page pocket guide is for self-managing stress and managing stress in others. Poses practical strategies for how to deal with time, anger, people, fatigue, evaluation pressures and more. This practical pocket guide for managers will teach you how to channel stress to enhance your own performance and the performance of those you manage.

Working under pressure

  • Filename: working-under-pressure.
  • ISBN: UOM:35128000101079
  • Release Date: 1972
  • Number of pages: 252
  • Author: Vernon E. Buck
  • Publisher: Crane Russak & Company, Incorporated

Under Pressure

  • Filename: under-pressure.
  • ISBN: 1403464243
  • Release Date: 2004-11-01
  • Number of pages: 56
  • Author: Ann Fullick
  • Publisher: Capstone Classroom

Readers will learn how science is at work all around them, as demonstrated through everyday items. Each spread is dedicated to one concept and features a series of vignettes demonstrating the concept in action in everday circumstances. Fact boxes present strange-but-true facts while practical projects demonstrate concepts.

Arts Under Pressure

  • Filename: arts-under-pressure.
  • ISBN: 1842772635
  • Release Date: 2003-10-03
  • Number of pages: 275
  • Author: Joost Smiers
  • Publisher: Zed Books

This book provides a clear reading, with numerous examples, of the impact of globalization on local arts and culture.

Girls Under Pressure

  • Filename: girls-under-pressure.
  • ISBN: 9781407043128
  • Release Date: 2008-09-04
  • Number of pages: 208
  • Author: Jacqueline Wilson
  • Publisher: Random House

Magda is tall and glamorous, Nadine is willowy and 'gothic'. And Ellie . . . well, Ellie is just plain normal. The three girls have been best friends forever, but now Ellie is convinced she's fat, Nadine wants to be a model, and Magda worries that her appearance is giving guys the wrong idea. The pressure is on for them to change the way they look - but can they learn to love themselves, just the way they are?

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