The Girl on the Train Vol 1 Illustrated

  • Filename: the-girl-on-the-train-vol-1-illustrated.
  • ISBN:
  • Release Date: 2016-12-16
  • Number of pages: 26
  • Author: Angus Arnott
  • Publisher: Angus J. Arnott

Erotic images depicted in this series. All models are over 18 years of age. Angus Arnott shows his wonderful artistic images of very sensual and sexy models. 24 high quality professional photos done in a very seductive style.

Into the Water

  • Filename: into-the-water.
  • ISBN: 9780385689649
  • Release Date: 2017-05-02
  • Number of pages: 336
  • Author: Paula Hawkins
  • Publisher: Doubleday Canada

The author of the #1 New York Times bestseller and global phenomenon The Girl on the Train returns with Into the Water, her addictive new novel of psychological suspense. A single mother turns up dead at the bottom of the river that runs through town. Earlier in the summer, a vulnerable teenage girl met the same fate. They are not the first women lost to these dark waters, but their deaths disturb the river and its history, dredging up secrets long submerged. Left behind is a lonely fifteen-year-old girl. Parentless and friendless, she now finds herself in the care of her mother's sister, a fearful stranger who has been dragged back to the place she deliberately ran from—a place to which she vowed she'd never return. With the same propulsive writing and acute understanding of human instincts that captivated millions of readers around the world in her explosive debut thriller, The Girl on the Train, Paula Hawkins delivers an urgent, twisting, deeply satisfying read that hinges on the deceptiveness of emotion and memory, as well as the devastating ways that the past can reach a long arm into the present. Beware a calm surface—you never know what lies beneath.

Quick and Popular Reads for Teens

  • Filename: quick-and-popular-reads-for-teens.
  • ISBN: 9780838935774
  • Release Date: 2009-01-01
  • Number of pages: 228
  • Author: Pam Spencer Holley
  • Publisher: American Library Association

Collects ten years of the "Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults" and "Quick Picks for Reluctant Readers" lists, organized by both author and theme.

Clive Barker s Books of Blood

  • Filename: clive-barker-s-books-of-blood.
  • ISBN: 0425087395
  • Release Date: 1986
  • Number of pages: 193
  • Author: Clive Barker
  • Publisher: Berkley

Five stories deal with an ax murderer, a race with death, a telekinetic killer, a terrifying demon, and a murderous ape

The Black Hood Vol 1

  • Filename: the-black-hood-vol-1.
  • ISBN: 9781627389266
  • Release Date: 2017-07-11
  • Number of pages: 144
  • Author: Duane Swierczynski
  • Publisher: Archie Comic Publications (Trade)

A man driven to the brink, blacklisted and left brutally changed must crawl through the wreckage of his life to defeat a gang of deadly criminals hell-bent on setting the streets of Philadelphia aflame. Fueled by rage and empowered by years of experience upholding the law, the new Black Hood is a visceral, conflicted and flawed urban vigilante--but he's also the city's last hope. A gritty, modern crime noir tale that introduces readers to the newest--and deadliest--hero in the Dark Circle Comics lineup. From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Girl With All The Gifts

  • Filename: the-girl-with-all-the-gifts.
  • ISBN: 9780748123797
  • Release Date: 2014-01-14
  • Number of pages: 416
  • Author: M. R. Carey
  • Publisher: Hachette UK

The phenomenal word-of-mouth bestseller THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS is now a major film starring Glenn Close, Gemma Arterton and Paddy Considine. NOT EVERY GIFT IS A BLESSING Every morning, Melanie waits in her cell to be collected for class. When they come for her, Sergeant Parks keeps his gun pointing at her while two of his people strap her into the wheelchair. She thinks they don't like her. She jokes that she won't bite. But they don't laugh. Melanie is a very special girl. Emotionally charged and gripping from beginning to end, THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS is the most powerful and affecting thriller you will read this year.

Catalog of Copyright Entries Third Series

  • Filename: catalog-of-copyright-entries-third-series.
  • ISBN: STANFORD:36105006280924
  • Release Date: 1959
  • Number of pages: 914
  • Author: Library of Congress. Copyright Office
  • Publisher:

Includes Part 1, Number 2: Books and Pamphlets, Including Serials and Contributions to Periodicals (July - December)

Foreign Exchange

  • Filename: foreign-exchange.
  • ISBN: 9781611460049
  • Release Date: 2011
  • Number of pages: 259
  • Author: Judith Liu
  • Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

Foreign Exchange is the story of two women and their experiences at an American Episcopalian missionary school in Wuhan from 1929-1937. Yeh Yuanshuang was a student from a privileged Chinese family; Dorothea Kingsley Wakeman was a short-term teacher from a privileged American family. Both would be transformed by their experiences at St. Hilda's School for Girls, whose walls served to protect the school from outside danger as well as to help create a space where new gender expectations could be nurtured, hidden away from the gaze of prying eyes. Examining St. Hilda's through the experiences of these two women illuminates the liberating qualities of female education, the power of personal narrative as an ethnographic/historical research tool, and how the stories of Yuanshuang and Dorothea are embedded in the historical circumstances of their times. The telling of their stories also reveals the impact of the modern world on their parents' generation.

Graphic Novels A Guide to Comic Books Manga and More 2nd Edition

  • Filename: graphic-novels-a-guide-to-comic-books-manga-and-more-2nd-edition.
  • ISBN: 9781440851360
  • Release Date: 2017-05-30
  • Number of pages: 719
  • Author: Michael Pawuk
  • Publisher: ABC-CLIO

Covering genres from action/adventure and fantasy to horror, science fiction, and superheroes, this guide maps the vast and expanding terrain of graphic novels, describing and organizing titles as well as providing information that will help librarians to build and balance their graphic novel collections and direct patrons to read-alikes. • Introduces users to approximately 1,000 currently popular graphic novels and manga • Organizes titles by genre, subgenre, and theme to facilitate finding read-alikes • Helps librarians build and balance their graphic novel collections

The Alter Ego Collection Volume 1

  • Filename: the-alter-ego-collection-volume-1.
  • ISBN: 1893905594
  • Release Date: 2006
  • Number of pages: 192
  • Author: Roy Thomas
  • Publisher: TwoMorrows Publishing

Editor Roy Thomas' acclaimed magazine Alter Ego first took the world by storm in the 1960s as the premier 'zine about comics. After abandoning it for a two-decade career as a major writer and editor for Marvel and DC Comics, Roy resurrected it in 1999, and this trade paperback collects the first two issues, plus 30 pages of new material! Behind a new JLA Jam Cover by Joe Kubert, George Perez, Dick Giordano, George Tuska, Nick Cardy, Ramona Fradon & Joe Giella, you'll find: Gil Kane, Julius Schartz & Gardner Fox on the creation of the Silver Age Atom! -The Stan Lee Roast- co-starring Sal Buscema, John Romita, Peter David, Chris Claremont, Jim Shooter, et al.! Michael T. Gilbert on Will Eisner's 1966 Spirit story! Roy Thomas, Jerry Ordway & Mike Machlan on creating Infinity, Inc.! Interviews with Larry Lieber, Irwin Hasen & Jack Burnley! Wonder Woman rarities, with art by H.G. Peter! How Marv Wolfman rescued Golden Age art! Plus Robert Kanigher and Bill Schelly on comics fandom, FCA (Fawcett Collectors of America) with Marc Swayze, C.C. Beck, Mac Raboy & Richard Deane Taylor -- and Kane, Will Eisner, Carmine Infantino, Mike Sekowsky, Murphy Anderson, Dick Dillin, plus all seven of our super-star cover artists!

Quirks of Human Anatomy

  • Filename: quirks-of-human-anatomy.
  • ISBN: 9780521518482
  • Release Date: 2009-05-29
  • Number of pages: 260
  • Author: Lewis I. Held
  • Publisher: Cambridge University Press

This book introduces students to basic concepts in evolutionary developmental biology, for undergraduate and graduate courses.

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