The Anatomy Student s Self Test Coloring Book

  • Filename: the-anatomy-student-s-self-test-coloring-book.
  • ISBN: 0764137778
  • Release Date: 2007
  • Number of pages: 176
  • Author: Kurt Albertine
  • Publisher: Barron's Educational Series

Including eight full-color body system acetate overlay sheets, this workbook includes more than 350 digitally-created line drawings, pages which lie flat for easy coloring, and tests of your knowledge of anatomical names as you color.

The Physiology Student s Self Test Coloring Book

  • Filename: the-physiology-student-s-self-test-coloring-book.
  • ISBN: 1438008716
  • Release Date: 2016-08-01
  • Number of pages: 192
  • Author: James Hicks
  • Publisher: Barron's Educational Series

This self-test coloring book is perfect for medical practitioners, students, and anyone else who requires a detailed working knowledge of human physiology. Includes more than 350 detailed line illustrations, flat pages for easy coloring, answers at the bottom of the page, and more.

The Human Brain Student s Self Test Coloring Book

  • Filename: the-human-brain-student-s-self-test-coloring-book.
  • ISBN: 1438008708
  • Release Date: 2016-08-01
  • Number of pages: 192
  • Author: Joshua Gowin
  • Publisher: Barron's Educational Series

Includes more than 350 illustrations of the human brain and nervous system. Coloring in the illustrations allows you to remember the shape, location, and purpose of each part of the brain. Features flat pages for easy coloring, with answers at the bottom of the page.

Pilates Anatomie

  • Filename: pilates-anatomie.
  • ISBN: 9783767910669
  • Release Date: 2011
  • Number of pages: 204
  • Author: Rael Isacowitz
  • Publisher: Stiebner Verlag GmbH

Presents a visual perspective on correct alignment, posture, and movements. It offers an inside look at your workout by providing a customisable approach and combining full-color anatomical illustrations with step-by-step instructions for the most effective mat exercises ; aim: to build a stronger, more articulate body.

The Anatomy Student s Self test Visual Dictionary

  • Filename: the-anatomy-student-s-self-test-visual-dictionary.
  • ISBN: 1444145770
  • Release Date: 2011-12-30
  • Number of pages: 304
  • Author: Ken W. S. Ashwell
  • Publisher: CRC Press

Learning and naming the many parts and systems of the human body can be a daunting task for students. This highly original book helps make learning a great deal easier. Arranged by body system, The Anatomy Student's Self-test Visual Dictionary contains over 500 full colour anatomical illustrations complete with leader lines and labels. The images are accompanied by concise definitions of body regions and parts as well as physiological processes. A workbook at the back of the book features digitally-created line illustrations of muscular and skeletal systems, so you can memorize the location of various muscles and bones by colouring-in the illustrations. Labels are left blank to test your knowledge of the names of the body parts and systems, with the answers given at the bottom of each page. Readers are encouraged to shade the illustrations in with coloured pencils. It's a simple physical task intended to imprint on students' memories the shape and location of each body part, making later visualization and memory retention much easier. The book also includes a set of eight transparent overlays illustrating the major body systems. They simulate the peeling away of layers of tissue to reveal anatomical features, such as muscles, bones, organs, and circulatory system. Use the coloured acetate overlay sheets of body systems to correlate the relationships between the different systems. The Anatomy Student's Self-test Visual Dictionary gives you a clear and concise understanding of human anatomy. This is a must-have learning tool for all students who require detailed anatomical knowledge.

Atlas der Anatomie

  • Filename: atlas-der-anatomie.
  • ISBN: 3437416030
  • Release Date: 2011
  • Number of pages: 532
  • Author: Frank H. Netter
  • Publisher: Churchill Livingstone

Teaches the complete human body with unsurpassed clarity and accuracy. This edition features 45 revised, 290 relabelled and 17 wholly new plates, drawn fully in the tradition of Frank Netter, and includes more imaging and clinical images.

Das Lehrbuch der Anatomie

  • Filename: das-lehrbuch-der-anatomie.
  • ISBN: 9089986227
  • Release Date: 2016-02-10
  • Number of pages: 176
  • Author: Ph. D. Albertine, Kurt H.
  • Publisher:

Die fabelhafte Welt der Leichen

  • Filename: die-fabelhafte-welt-der-leichen.
  • ISBN: 9783864132292
  • Release Date: 2012-07-06
  • Number of pages: 300
  • Author: Mary Roach
  • Publisher: Riva Verlag

Mit dem Tod ist keinesfalls alles vorbei. Leichen sind auf vielfältige Weise nützlich, indem sie Forschung und Wissenschaft zur Verfügung stehen. Sie helfen dabei, Autos sicherer zu machen, dienen als Anschauungs- und Übungsobjekte für angehende Ärzte und geben Gerichtsmedizinern wichtige Hinweise, mit denen Verbrechen aufgeklärt werden können. Sie wurden ins All geschossen, haben die ersten Guillotinen und sogar die Echtheit des Turiner Grabtuchs getestet. Mary Roach hat die vielfältigen postmortalen Verwendungsformen recherchiert und mit Ärzten, Wissenschaftlern und Leichenbestattern darüber gesprochen, was man mit Leichen alles anfangen kann. Daraus ist ein überaus unterhaltsames, faszinierendes und skurriles Buch entstanden, auch wenn die Hauptakteure in Anatomiesälen, Laboratorien und Krematorien zu finden sind.

Churchill Livingstone Medical Dictionary

  • Filename: churchill-livingstone-medical-dictionary.
  • ISBN: 9780080982458
  • Release Date: 2008-06-04
  • Number of pages: 624
  • Author: Chris Brooker
  • Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

Stay up to date on fast-changing areas of health care with the 75th anniversary edition of this trusted medical dictionary. Expanded coverage familiarizes you with the most current medical terminology in evolving areas such as genetics, complementary therapies, and sports rehabilitation, while detailed illustrations help clarify definitions and ensure confident understanding. Reliable, easy-to-read definitions for more than 12,000 terms. A full-color section that illustrates the body systems in vivid detail. An extensive array of appendices that provide quick access to important information. A concise, compact format that ensures portability and ease-of-use. More than 3,000 new entries present the latest terminology in radiography, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, nutrition, optometry, paramedical terms, pharmacology, sports rehabilitation, anatomical terms, and more. Over 150 2-color illustrations visually reinforce definitions. A companion website includes: A spellchecker tool you can upload to your computer to ensure accuracy when typing medical terms. Full-color illustrations of the major body systems presented in labeled and unlabeled formats so you can test your identification skills and verify your knowledge. 30 additional color photographs that help you identify selected conditions. Basic Life Support (BLS) Algorithms that reflect the latest resuscitation guidelines Links to additional sources of information.

Sobotta Malbuch

  • Filename: sobotta-malbuch.
  • ISBN: 3437414267
  • Release Date: 2004
  • Number of pages: 204
  • Author: Oliver Kretz
  • Publisher: Elsevier,Urban&FischerVerlag

Jeder Student kennt das: Gerade eben schien die Anatomie beim Lernen ganz einfach, doch was weiß man noch, wenn das Lehrbuch zugeklappt ist? Wer sich langfristig einprägen will, wie anatomische Strukturen zueinander liegen, der sollte zur Abwechslung einmal selbst den Buntstift und das Sobotta Malbuch in die Hand nehmen: Einfache Schemazeichnungen nach Abbildungen aus dem Sobotta Atlas stellen die wesentlichen Details übersichtlich dar und bieten Platz zum Ausmalen - so bleibt Anatomie hängen! -Über 100 Lerneinheiten aus Bild und Text -Knappe Begleittexte leiten durch jedes Bild und weisen auf wichtige Details hin -Klinische Hinweise stellen praktischen Bezug her -Skizzen zu Schnittebenen und Blickrichtungen helfen bei der Orientierung

Anatomy Flash Cards Revised Edition

  • Filename: anatomy-flash-cards-revised-edition.
  • ISBN: 1853158089
  • Release Date: 2008-06-16
  • Number of pages:
  • Author: Kurt Albertine
  • Publisher: CRC Press

This attractive set of Anatomy Flash Cards makes an ideal study aid for medical school students, nursing students and health care trainees requiring detailed anatomical knowledge. Each card illustrates a human body part labelled with its medical name, location in the body and function. A total of 265 4" x 6" cards show muscles, bones and organs. The cards use convenient colour-coded thumb tabs to distinguish between ten different body systems, with each card illustrating a specific component in the system. The front face features the titled illustration with numbered pointers. On the reverse, each numbered part is matched with its correct name, followed by a description of the illustrated body part. The cards come boxed with a full-colour, anatomically accurate poster that shows the human body and its major parts, as well as a toggle so cards can be pulled out and studied on-the-go. The poster unfolds to size 11 3/4" x 16 1/2". These cards will serve as an excellent counterpart to The Anatomy Student's Self-test Colouring Book.

Dance Anatomie

  • Filename: dance-anatomie.
  • ISBN: 9783767910461
  • Release Date: 2014-04-02
  • Number of pages: 208
  • Author: Jacqui Greene Haas
  • Publisher: Stiebner Verlag GmbH

»Wenn man als Tänzer erfolgreich sein möchte, muss man verstehen, wie man seinen Körper optimal trainiert, vorbereitet und schützt.« Genau dies vermittelt die Autorin anhand der 82 wichtigsten Tanzbewegungen mit über 200 farbigen Illustration auf leicht verständliche und nachvollziehbare Art und Weise. Zielgerichtet und per »Blick unter die Haut« kann der Leser die für seinen Leistungsstand und seinen Stil wichtigsten Übungen auswählen und sowohl Beweglichkeit als auch Kraft und Muskelspannung kontinuierlich verbessern. »Dance Anatomie veranschaulicht die Zusammenhänge zwischen Muskulatur und Tanzbewegung – eine Pflichtlektüre für jeden Tänzer.«

The Human Body in Health Disease

  • Filename: the-human-body-in-health-disease.
  • ISBN: 9780323402064
  • Release Date: 2017-01-11
  • Number of pages: 800
  • Author: Kevin T. Patton
  • Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

No one explains A&P more clearly! The Human Body in Health & Disease, 7th Edition makes it easier to understand how the body works, both in normal conditions and when things go wrong. Its easy-to-read writing style, more than 500 full-color illustrations, and unique Clear View of the Human Body transparencies keep you focused on the principles of anatomy, physiology, and pathology. New to this edition are Connect It! features with bonus online content and concept maps with flow charts to simplify complex topics. From noted educators Kevin Patton and Gary Thibodeau, this book presents A&P in a way that lets you know and understand what is important. More than 545 full-color photographs and drawings bring difficult A&P concepts to life and illustrate the most current scientific knowledge. Clear, conversational writing style breaks down information into brief ‘chunks,’ making principles easier to understand. UNIQUE! Clear View of the Human Body transparencies allow you to peel back the layers of the body, with a 22-page, full-color insert showing the male and female human body along several planes. Over 50 Animation Direct 3-D animations provide dynamic visual explanations for key concepts, with callouts in the text directing you to these animations on the Evolve companion website. Language of Science/Language of Medicine presents lists of medical terms, pronunciations, and word parts to help you become familiar with A&P terminology and the meanings of individual word parts. Useful learning features include study tips, chapter objectives, case studies, critical thinking questions, summary boxes, review questions, and chapter tests. A study guide reinforces your understanding of anatomy and physiology with a variety of practical exercises to help you review and apply key A&P concepts. Sold separately. NEW and UNIQUE! Connect It! articles on the Evolve companion website provide bonus information for you to explore, and are called out in the text. NEW and UNIQUE! Active Concept Maps on Evolve utilize animated and narrated flow charts to explain complex topics, and are also called out in the text. NEW! Chapter objectives and Active Learning sections more closely tie objectives to the end-of-chapter material. UPDATED! Genetics chapter includes the latest and most important advances.

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