Robbins Cotran Pathologic Basis of Disease E Book

  • Filename: robbins-cotran-pathologic-basis-of-disease-e-book.
  • ISBN: 9780323296359
  • Release Date: 2014-09-05
  • Number of pages: 1472
  • Author: Vinay Kumar
  • Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

Dependable, current, and complete, Robbins and Cotran Pathologic Basis of Disease, 9th Edition is the perennially best-selling text that you’ll use long after your medical student days are behind you. A world-class author team headed by Drs. Vinay Kumar, Abul Abbas, and Jon Aster, delivers the latest, most essential pathology knowledge in a readable, interesting manner, ensuring optimal understanding of the latest basic science and clinical content. High-quality photographs and full-color illustrations highlight new information in molecular biology, disease classifications, new drugs and drug therapies, and much more. Rely on uniquely authoritative and readable coverage, ideal for USMLE or specialty board preparation, as well as for course work. Simplify your study with an outstanding full-color, highly user-friendly design. Stay up to date with the latest information in molecular and genetic testing and mechanisms of disease. Consult new Targeted Therapy boxes online that discuss drug therapy for specific diseases. Gain a new perspective in key areas thanks to contributions from new authors at the top of their fields. Consult this title on your favorite e-reader, conduct rapid searches, and adjust font sizes for optimal readability.

Atlas der Anatomie

  • Filename: atlas-der-anatomie.
  • ISBN: 3437416030
  • Release Date: 2011
  • Number of pages: 532
  • Author: Frank H. Netter
  • Publisher: Churchill Livingstone

Teaches the complete human body with unsurpassed clarity and accuracy. This edition features 45 revised, 290 relabelled and 17 wholly new plates, drawn fully in the tradition of Frank Netter, and includes more imaging and clinical images.

Hematologic Diseases An Issue of Primary Care Clinics in Office Practice

  • Filename: hematologic-diseases-an-issue-of-primary-care-clinics-in-office-practice.
  • ISBN: 9780323477703
  • Release Date: 2016-11-23
  • Number of pages: 226
  • Author: Maureen M. Okam
  • Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

This issue of Primary Care: Clinics in Office Practice, guest edited by Drs. Maureen M. Okam and Aric Parnes, is devoted to Hematologic Diseases. Articles in this issue include: Anemia; Thrombocytopenia; Leukopenia and Pancytopenia; Leukocytosis and Leukemia; Polycythemia and Thrombocytosis; Eosinophilia; Thrombosis, Hypercoagulable States and Anticoagulants; Bleeding; Lymphoma; Plasma Cell Diseases; Transfusion Medicine; and Stem Cell Transplant.

Molekulare Zellbiologie

  • Filename: molekulare-zellbiologie.
  • ISBN: 9783110810578
  • Release Date: 1996-01-01
  • Number of pages: 1491
  • Author: Arnold Berk
  • Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

Elektronik f r Ingenieure und Naturwissenschaftler

  • Filename: elektronik-f-r-ingenieure-und-naturwissenschaftler.
  • ISBN: 9783642054990
  • Release Date: 2014-05-05
  • Number of pages: 833
  • Author: Ekbert Hering
  • Publisher: Springer-Verlag

Diese Einführung ist Praxis-Kompendium und zugleich wissenschaftliches Lehrbuch zu allen wichtigen Gebieten der Elektronik. Es überzeugt durch seine klare Strukturierung, sein didaktisches Konzept und zahlreiche praxisnahe Berechnungsbeispiele. Die Autoren spannen den Bogen von den Grundlagen der elektrischen Netzwerke, der Halbleiterphysik und Bauelemente bis zur Digitaltechnik. Für die 6. Auflage wurden die Inhalte aktualisiert und alle Daten auf den neuesten Stand gebracht, u. a. für das Gebiet der elektromagnetischen Verträglichkeit (EMV).

Latein Fur Dummies 2e

  • Filename: latein-fur-dummies-2e.
  • ISBN: 9783527709717
  • Release Date: 2013
  • Number of pages: 368
  • Author: Clifford A. Hull
  • Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Latein lernen einmal anders. Gemeinhin gilt Lateinunterricht als nur mäßig spannend, die Autoren von "Latein für Dummies" zeigen Ihnen, wie man mit Spaß Latein lernen, auffrischen oder verbessern kann. Zwischen Konjugationen und Deklinationen erfahren Sie viel über die römische Gesellschaft, Literatur und über den ganzen Rest, der Latein auch heute noch für uns interessant macht. Mit einem kleinen Wörterbuch und vielen Konjugations- und Deklinationstabellen sowie Übungen samt Lösungen ist dies der ideale Einsteiger- und Auffrischungskurs für die Lateiner von morgen.

Allgemeine und Spezielle Pathologie

  • Filename: allgemeine-und-spezielle-pathologie.
  • ISBN: 9783662487259
  • Release Date: 2017-01-10
  • Number of pages: 893
  • Author: Ursus-Nikolaus Riede
  • Publisher: Springer-Verlag

Mit dieser komplett überarbeiteten Neuauflage lernen Sie die Pathologie zu verstehen, anstatt sie nur auswendig zu lernen. Anhand eines ausgefeilten Konzepts mit Illustration durch über 600 Abbildungen wird die Entwicklung pathologisch-anatomischer Gewebsveränderungen verständlich gemacht und allgemeinen Farb-, Form- und Reaktionsmustern zugeordnet, welche für die Diagnose und Therapie entscheidend sind. Die Autoren haben sie mit ihrer jahrelangen didaktischen Erfahrung ausgearbeitet, mit 57 authentischen Fällen veranschaulicht und so einen engen Bezug zur klinischen Praxis geschaffen. Schließlich wird der kompakte, leicht verständliche Text durch Prinzipien des Edutainments nicht nur einprägsam, sondern auch unterhaltsam.

Grenzenlose Energie

  • Filename: grenzenlose-energie.
  • ISBN: 3548742270
  • Release Date: 2004
  • Number of pages: 490
  • Author: Anthony Robbins
  • Publisher:

Mosby s Pathology for Massage Therapists

  • Filename: mosby-s-pathology-for-massage-therapists.
  • ISBN: 9780323291583
  • Release Date: 2013-12-27
  • Number of pages: 552
  • Author: Susan G. Salvo
  • Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

Written by a massage therapist for massage therapists, Mosby's Pathology for Massage Therapists, 3rd Edition provides direct information along with focused recommendations. Coverage of over 340 pathologies helps you appropriately tailor massage treatment, and more than 750 full-color photographs and illustrations make it easier to recognize common pathologies. This edition includes a new chapter on geriatric massage and has been extensively reviewed by over a dozen experts in the massage and medical fields. Written by massage therapy educator and practitioner Susan Salvo, this resource provides the pathology knowledge you need to succeed on licensure and certification exams and in practice. A traffic light icon appears before each pathology in the book, designating whether massage is contraindicated (red), local contraindication (yellow), or indicated (green) for that particular pathology. Consistent format for each chapter makes it easy to find key information with learning objectives, list of pathologies, system overview, and pathologies, including description, etiology, signs and symptoms, treatment, and massage considerations. Student-friendly features in each chapter include learning objectives and self-tests that measure your comprehension. Medical Technology boxes highlight special populations, such as clients in wheelchairs or with pacemakers, and explain what the medical device is, and what special precautions or contraindications you should be aware of before working on these clients. Spotlight on Research boxes summarize recent studies of massage therapy and its effects. Student resources on an Evolve companion website include interactive activities, video clips of techniques, animations, the Body Spectrum coloring book, flashcards, review questions, additional case studies, an image collection, an audio glossary, study tips, stress-busting tips, research updates, and more. Mosby's Pathology for Massage Therapists Online reinforces content covered in the book and provides a dynamic way to learn key concepts, with features including recall activities, rollover glossary terms and definitions, animations, quizzes, and Clinical Tips boxes. (Available separately.)

Fundamentals of Veterinary Clinical Pathology

  • Filename: fundamentals-of-veterinary-clinical-pathology.
  • ISBN: 9781118686072
  • Release Date: 2013-05-31
  • Number of pages: 920
  • Author: Steven L. Stockham
  • Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

This book provides in-depth information about common clinical laboratory assays that are used to evaluate domestic mammals, including what assays measure, sample or assay conditions that affect results, and what results indicate about the physiologic or pathologic state of a patient. Whenever possible, diseases and conditions are grouped by common mechanisms or processes to promote a conceptual understanding of laboratory data that can be generally applied across many species. New to the second edition are additional disorders, diagnostic tests, illustrations, images, references, and pathophysiologic explanations. This text has proven valuable to students and veterinarians wanting a fundamental understanding of veterinary clinical pathology.

Medical Terminology Anatomy for Coding

  • Filename: medical-terminology-anatomy-for-coding.
  • ISBN: 9780323443494
  • Release Date: 2016-12-07
  • Number of pages: 824
  • Author: Betsy J. Shiland
  • Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

Medical Terminology and Anatomy for Coding, 3rd Edition is unlike any other medical terminology textbook on the market. By interspersing ICD-10 and CPT coding guidelines and notes, electronic medical records, and integrated exercises, it combines anatomy and physiology coverage with the latest medical terminology coders - and coding students - need. The ICD-10-CM classification system serves as the structure for organizing diseases and disorders, with carefully drawn, well-labeled illustrations to help you visualize the associated anatomy. A new Basics of Oncology appendix provides the terminology and physiology of neoplasms, and new CPT coding information indicates where physician coding differs from ICD-10 coding. The robust Evolve site includes games, activities, and animations to reinforce learning. UNIQUE! Medical terminology, anatomy and physiology specifically tailored to ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS coding manuals supply you with an excellent foundation for learning the medical terminology related to coding. UNIQUE! A Body Part key provides a complete list of body parts and how they should be coded in ICD-10. UNIQUE! Pathology terms organized by ICD-10 disease and disorder categories let you learn terms in the same order they are presented in the coding manual. UNIQUE! Guideline Alert! and Special Notes boxes highlight relevant ICD-10 information. UNIQUE! Pharmacology in each body system and a Pharmacology Basics appendix help you recognize drugs and medications in medical reports. Procedural terms supply a more complete picture of the number and kind of procedures you will encounter on medical reports. UNIQUE! Normal Lab Values appendix familiarizes you with normal and abnormal lab values so you know when to search a medical record for possible additional diagnoses. UNIQUE! Root operation tables illustrate the root operations in PCS and their associated suffixes. Pathology and procedure terminology tables list the word parts for each term, along with the definition so you become familiar with prefixes, suffixes, and combining forms. Exercises interspersed throughout the text encourage you to practice and learn as you move through the material. Be Careful! boxes warn you about similar and potentially confusing word parts and medical terms. Electronic medical record format illustrates the appearance of electronic records now being used in many healthcare settings. NEW! CPT coding information indicates where physician coding differs from ICD-10 coding. NEW and EXAPNDED! New chapter that incorporates pregnancy, perinatal, and congenital conditions to more closely match the ICD-10 manual. NEW and UNIQUE! Oncology Basics appendix provides the terminology and physiology of neoplasms that you need to understand. NEW and UNIQUE! Generic and brand drug names table keeps you in the know. NEW and EXPANDED! The online course (MTO) now includes adaptive learning, gradable case studies, and audio reviews to provide a complete learning experience for distance learners. UPDATED! Evolve student resources now report to the gradebook so you can practice medical terminology in an interactive setting and instructors can follow your progress. NEW! Updated ICD-10 guidelines and notes provide up-to-the-minute coding information. NEW! Updated terminology reflects current technology and ICD-10 manual terms.

Pathologic Basis of Disease

  • Filename: pathologic-basis-of-disease.
  • ISBN: UCSD:31822018636688
  • Release Date: 1995-01
  • Number of pages: 239
  • Author: Carolyn C. Compton
  • Publisher: W B Saunders Company

Revised to contain questions that conform to the National Board guidelines, this manual can be used as an adjunct or on its own for course/board preparations. It provides questions and answers for such topics as pediatric and genetic diseases, infectious diseases, and the various body systems.

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