Praying in Rome

  • Filename: praying-in-rome.
  • ISBN: 9780804139281
  • Release Date: 2013-07-09
  • Number of pages: 40
  • Author: Timothy M. Dolan
  • Publisher: Image

The Archbishop of New York offers his insight on his time in Rome, the Conclave and the election of a new Holy Father, Pope Francis. Since February 2013, many have asked Cardinal Timothy Dolan to comment about Pope Benedict XVI's resignation, his final days in the Vatican, the Conclave, and the excitement and joy of the election of Pope Francis. Those two months--between the time Pope Benedict announced his retirement up until the election of Pope Francis--were a deeply spiritual and important period for the Cardinal. In this eBook original, he reflects on that most exciting of times. By turns, witty, provocative, and inspiring Cardinal Dolan gives a first hand account of what happened during those days and what it means for the future of the Church.

Reply to a Priest of Rome Part I On prayers to and worship of Mary Saints Angels c Part II The constitution of the Primitive Churches contrasted with the constitution of the Papacy By Presbuteros Second edition

  • Filename: reply-to-a-priest-of-rome-part-i-on-prayers-to-and-worship-of-mary-saints-angels-c-part-ii-the-constitution-of-the-primitive-churches-contrasted-with-the-constitution-of-the-papacy-by-presbuteros-second-edition.
  • ISBN: BL:A0018909326
  • Release Date: 1868
  • Number of pages: 147
  • Author: PRESBUTEROS.
  • Publisher:

Exodus From Rome

  • Filename: exodus-from-rome.
  • ISBN: 9781491724712
  • Release Date: 2014-05-01
  • Number of pages: 408
  • Author: Dr. Todd D. Baker
  • Publisher: iUniverse

Written by a former Roman Catholic of eighteen years and former candidate for the Roman Catholic priesthood, Dr. Todd Baker objectively and honestly examines the grandiose claims of the Papacy and the Roman Catholic Church in the critical light of Scripture and the evidence of history to show where Rome has greatly erred. This multi- volume work provides a controversial overview on the basic doctrines distinctive of Roman Catholicism so the open Catholic can learn how these beliefs, practices, and traditions of Rome contradict Scripture and do not have the support of a consistent, uniform history from the days of Jesus, the apostles, and the first three centuries of the early church and on. With over 1 billion adherents to the Roman Catholic Church, it is incumbent for the Bible believer to know the difference between the real Gospel of Scripture versus the Gospel of Rome and how they are not one and the same Gospel in the end. In a day of man-pleasing, ecumenical compromise with Rome, this book is sorely needed to remind the Protestant church that the real differences between Rome and the Bible have not changed since the Reformation, and must be reiterated and defended today on the exclusive ground of Scripture alone being the supreme authority in faith and practice for every Christian believer! Dr. Todd D. Baker is president of B’rit Hadashah Ministries and Pastor of Shalom, Shalom Messianic Congregation in Dallas, Texas. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in biblical studies, a Master of Theology degree from Dallas Theological Seminary, and a Ph.D. in Philosophy and Apologetics from Trinity Seminary under the auspices of Liverpool University at Liverpool, England. He is the staff theologian and writer for Zola Levitt Ministries and has appeared on the television program Zola Levitt Presents several times. With his extensive experience in Jewish evangelism, he conducts Gospel outreaches to Israel three times a year.

Praying With Success

  • Filename: praying-with-success.
  • ISBN: 9781481700115
  • Release Date: 2012-12-20
  • Number of pages: 196
  • Author: David Forgason
  • Publisher: Author House

This book will give many answers to explain the hows and whys of our prayer life. Explanations are given about prayers being answered yes, no, or hold on. Also the things that will govern and control our prayer life will be expounded upon.

Praying with the Saints

  • Filename: praying-with-the-saints.
  • ISBN: 0829417559
  • Release Date: 2001
  • Number of pages: 259
  • Author: Woodeene Koenig-Bricker
  • Publisher: Loyola Press

This intimate collection of prayers invites readers to pray with the saints using the words they wrote or prayed themselves. Featuring more than two hundred prayers, this book also offers biographical material on the ninety-five saints included.

Issues in Eucharistic Praying in East and West

  • Filename: issues-in-eucharistic-praying-in-east-and-west.
  • ISBN: 081466248X
  • Release Date: 2011-01-01
  • Number of pages: 416
  • Author: Maxwell E. Johnson
  • Publisher: Liturgical Press

This collection provides several state of the question" essays on current research in a variety of Eucharistic prayers in the Churches of East and West, including attention to other issues of Eucharistic praying and theology. In addition to essays by already recognized scholars in the field, this collection also introduces readers to a new generation of liturgiologists who are emerging within the academy as notable contributors to the field of liturgical studies. For students and teachers of liturgy, indeed, for al who seek solid and up-to-date scholarship on Eucharistic liturgy and theology, this volume offers an ecumenical guide from New Testament texts through Addai and Mari, the so-called Apostolic Tradition, and Roman Canon, through the diversity of Eastern and Oriental Orthodox anaphoras, up to and including the sources for the prefaces of the Missal of Paul VI. Close attention is also given to questions such as the origins of the Sanctus, Eucharistic consecration, as well as other historical and theological questions from within Eucharistic praying. Maxwell E. Johnson is professor of liturgy at the University of Notre Dame. Among the several titles he has written or edited are The Rites of Christian Initiation: Their Evolution and Interpretation (2007) and American Magnificat: Protestants on Mary of Guadalupe. He is also a frequent contributor to and an editorial consultant for Worship. "

The Doctrine of the Church of Rome Concerning Purgatory Proved to be Contrary to Catholick Tradition and Inconsistent with the Necessary Duty of Praying for the Dead as Practised in the Ancient Church

  • Filename: the-doctrine-of-the-church-of-rome-concerning-purgatory-proved-to-be-contrary-to-catholick-tradition-and-inconsistent-with-the-necessary-duty-of-praying-for-the-dead-as-practised-in-the-ancient-church.
  • ISBN: BL:A0018857574
  • Release Date: 1718
  • Number of pages: 143
  • Author: Thomas DEACON (Nonjuring Bishop of Manchester.)
  • Publisher:

Praying Shapes Believing

  • Filename: praying-shapes-believing.
  • ISBN: 9781596272729
  • Release Date: 2016-08-01
  • Number of pages: 432
  • Author: Ruth A. Meyers
  • Publisher: Church Publishing, Inc.

• Revised anniversary edition and next entry in the Weil Series in Liturgics • Well-known book; well-respected authors • Timely, as The Episcopal Church considers the shape that prayer book revision may take 2015 marks the thirtieth anniversary of Lee Mitchell’s great standard work on the 1979 Book of Common Prayer. As his student, protégée, and colleague, Ruth Meyers takes this classic work and updates it for the Church in its current era and for the future. For clergy, seminarians, liturgists, historians

Josephus And Jewish History in Flavian Rome And Beyond

  • Filename: josephus-and-jewish-history-in-flavian-rome-and-beyond.
  • ISBN: 9789004141797
  • Release Date: 2005
  • Number of pages: 454
  • Author: Joseph Sievers
  • Publisher: BRILL

This volume focuses on the interplay between Josephus' Judean identity and his Roman context. After treating historiographical and literary issues, it addresses Josephus' presentation of Judaism and of historical "facts." A final section deals with the transmission of his works.

A Journey to Victorious Praying

  • Filename: a-journey-to-victorious-praying.
  • ISBN: 9780802495518
  • Release Date: 2017-06-06
  • Number of pages: 256
  • Author: Bill Thrasher
  • Publisher: Moody Publishers

Why is it so hard to pray? It’s something many Christians can relate to: the desire to pray but the failure to execute. A Journey to Victorious Praying will tell readers why this is—and how to move past it. Addressing common misconceptions about prayer, then offering biblical truths and practices instead, Bill Thrasher teaches readers how to: Honestly share their desires with God Turn temptations into victorious prayers Experience the Spirit’s motivation in prayer Get help when they don’t know how to pray Implement fasting into their prayer life Move from anxiety to peace And more Filled with practical insight and pastoral warmth, this book will give readers renewed enthusiasm for embarking on the essential journey of prayer. And its brief chapters, organized around various themes, make it perfect for quick reference, as does the appendix with tips for stimulating prayer.

Liturgy and Society in Early Medieval Rome

  • Filename: liturgy-and-society-in-early-medieval-rome.
  • ISBN: 9781317104087
  • Release Date: 2016-05-06
  • Number of pages: 320
  • Author: John F. Romano
  • Publisher: Routledge

The liturgy, the public worship of the Catholic Church, was a crucial factor in forging the society of early medieval Rome. As the Roman Empire dissolved, a new world emerged as Christian bishops stepped into the power vacuum left by the dismantling of the Empire. Among these potentates, none was more important than the bishop of Rome, the pope. The documents, archaeology, and architecture that issued forth from papal Rome in the seventh and eighth centuries preserve a precious glimpse into novel societal patterns. The underexploited liturgical sources in particular enrich and complicate our historical understanding of this period. They show how liturgy was the ’social glue’ that held together the Christian society of early medieval Rome - and excluded those who did not belong to it. This study places the liturgy center stage, filling a gap in research on early medieval Rome and demonstrating the utility of investigating how the liturgy functioned in medieval Europe. It includes a detailed analysis of the papal Mass, the central act of liturgy and the most obvious example of the close interaction of liturgy, social relations and power. The first extant Mass liturgy, the First Roman Ordo, is also given a new presentation in Latin here with an English translation and commentary. Other grand liturgical events such as penitential processions are also examined, as well as more mundane acts of worship. Far from a pious business with limited influence, the liturgy established an exchange between humans and the divine that oriented Roman society to God and fostered the dominance of the clergy.

The Doctrines and Practices of the Church of Rome Truly Represented in Answer to a Book Entitled A Papist Misrepresented and Represented by J Gother A New Edition with Introduction and Notes by W Cunningham

  • Filename: the-doctrines-and-practices-of-the-church-of-rome-truly-represented-in-answer-to-a-book-entitled-a-papist-misrepresented-and-represented-by-j-gother-a-new-edition-with-introduction-and-notes-by-w-cunningham.
  • ISBN: BL:A0020243177
  • Release Date: 1837
  • Number of pages:
  • Author:
  • Publisher:

Praying with Saint Paul

  • Filename: praying-with-saint-paul.
  • ISBN: 9781936260782
  • Release Date: 2013-11-01
  • Number of pages: 383
  • Author: Magnificat
  • Publisher: BookBaby

A spiritual reading of Paul's letters A entry for each day of the calendar year: - a short quotation from one of Paul's letters - an original reflection by one of the book's thirty-two gifted spiritual authors - a thought provoking prayer Praying with Saint Paul will guide you through the spiritual treasury of Saint Paul's corpus - from the Letter to the Romans to the Letter to Philemon

Praying with Saint Mark s Gospel

  • Filename: praying-with-saint-mark-s-gospel.
  • ISBN: 9781936260805
  • Release Date: 2013-10-18
  • Number of pages: 383
  • Author: Magnificat
  • Publisher: BookBaby

Discover the Gospel of Mark and encounter the Mercy of God! A clear-cut and effective way to meditate daily on Saint Mark's Gospel. Read the entire Gospel within one year! An entry for each day of the calendar year: - a short quotation from Saint Mark's Gospel - an original, down-to-earth reflection composed by one of the book's twenty-three gifted spiritual authors, including Anthony Esolen, Fr. Vincent Nagle, Fr. George Rutler, and Fr. Joseph Lienhard, S.J. - a thought-provoking final prayer A perfect help to prepare for Sunday Mass A great guide for Bible study groups An ideal catechetical tool

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