Patisserie at Home

  • Filename: patisserie-at-home.
  • ISBN: 0062445316
  • Release Date: 2016-11-08
  • Number of pages: 288
  • Author: Melanie Dupuis
  • Publisher: Harper Design

The ultimate French pastry and dessert cookbook, featuring 100 sumptuous, easy-to-master recipes, stunning full-color illustrations, and a breathtaking design that helps home cooks create the perfect dessert. In this essential baking bible, patissiere Melanie Dupuis and molecular gastronomist Anne Cazor demystify the art of French baking for home cooks, giving them the tools, instructions, and recipes to create the most delicious and elaborate desserts. Patisserie at Home begins with the fundamental base recipes for pastry dough (broken, puff, brioche, and more) and fillings (creams, custards, ganache, butters, mousses), techniques for mastering chocolate, and the art of transforming sugar. Then come the recipes—dozens of the most famous French pastries and desserts, from meringues to Madeleines, croissants to Chantilly cream, brioche to biscuits, as well as cakes, cookies, creams, and tarts. The authors provide a technical breakdown and unique graphic for each recipe, explaining the science of the composition and the technique, along with step-by-step photos and a large full-page image of the final dish. Indulge you sweet tooth, impress guests, and wow your family—with Patisserie at Home, anyone can enjoy an irresistible taste of France!

Patisserie at Home

  • Filename: patisserie-at-home.
  • ISBN: 1849753547
  • Release Date: 2013-04-11
  • Number of pages: 176
  • Author: Will Torrent
  • Publisher: Ryland Peters & Small

Will Torrent is a rising star in the pastry world and in this, his first book, he aims to take the fear factor out of French pâtisserie. With step-by-step photography, a no-nonsense approach to the key pastry techniques and more than 60 beautifully illustrated recipes, this book will become an invaluable source of inspiration and a constant reference for all your favorite French-inspired sweet treats. There are chapters on Basic Techniques, Pâtisserie, Tarts, Petits Fours, Gâteaux & Desserts, and Bakery & Viennoiserie, and you’ll find recipes like chocolate and coffee éclairs, lemon tart, honey madeleines, brioche, macarons and red berry charlotte.


  • Filename: patisserie.
  • ISBN: 9781472110145
  • Release Date: 2013-10-17
  • Number of pages: 160
  • Author: Murielle Valette
  • Publisher: Hachette UK

This book is a tribute to French Pâtisserie. It is also a manual to learn how to successfully and easily make traditional French desserts at home. It's written for all people who love to bake and want to do it like the professionals do. From beginners to more advanced, everyone can do it. The author is a professional French pastry chef who wants to share her passion and talent for baking. In this book you will discover: An easy way to make traditional French Pâtisserie at home. Richly illustrated and simplified step by step recipes and techniques. All the secrets you've always wanted to know about French baking. Professional tips that make baking easier. The classic recipes of French Pâtisserie. How to impress your friends with your skills at baking traditional French food.

Patisserie Maison

  • Filename: patisserie-maison.
  • ISBN: 0091957613
  • Release Date: 2014-08-28
  • Number of pages: 224
  • Author: Richard Bertinet
  • Publisher:

From the author of the award-winning cookbooks "Crust "and "Dough" comes a definitive, accessible guide to make patisserie at home Patisserie, the art of the maItre pAtissier, is the most admired style of baking in the world and requires the highest level of skill. In this new book master baker and bestselling author Richard Bertinet makes patisserie accessible to home bakers. Richard effortlessly guides you through challenging techniques with step-by-step photography and more than 50 easy-to-follow recipes for the most revered and celebrated biscuits, sponges, meringues, tarts, eclairs, and other classic desserts. With Richard's expert help, you will soon be creating authentic sweet tarts, bavarois, galettes, macarons, and mousses. With creations including Lavender and Orange Eclairs, Gateau Saint Honore, Tarte Tropizienne, Paris Brest, and Cassis Kir Royal Mousse, " Patisserie Maison" opens up the world of divine sweet creations to novices as well as more experienced cooks. Includesm metric measures.

John Whaite Bakes At Home

  • Filename: john-whaite-bakes-at-home.
  • ISBN: 9780755365135
  • Release Date: 2014-03-27
  • Number of pages: 256
  • Author: John Whaite
  • Publisher: Hachette UK

John Whaite, winner of the 2012 Great British Bake Off, bakes everywhere he goes - at food festivals, as a guest on the nation's top cookery shows, at Le Cordon Bleu school where he is perfecting his craft and as teacher at his new cookery school. Yet his favourite place to bake is still at home, creating delicious treats and feasts for his family and friends. In John Whaite Bakes At Home, John shares with us those recipes he saves for his nearest and dearest. The lunches, brunches and afternoon teas he whips up when his parents come to visit, the indulgent sweet bakes and savoury pizzas he has waiting when his friends come to stay, and the picnics, confectionery and special occasion cakes he prepares for, and with, his nieces and nephews. So whether you want a birthday cake to impress or a comfort food feast to welcome the whole family, if you're after straightforward homemade recipes with a modern twist, this is the book for you.

The Patisserie Mysteries Box Set Volume I Books 1 4

  • Filename: the-patisserie-mysteries-box-set-volume-i-books-1-4.
  • ISBN:
  • Release Date: 2014-08-10
  • Number of pages: 410
  • Author: Harper Lin
  • Publisher: Harper Lin Books

From USA TODAY Bestselling Author Harper Lin: The culinary mystery series that take you on a tour of Paris! Save 34% and buy the box set that includes the first FOUR novellas (25,000 words each) in The Patisserie Mysteries. Macaron Murder (Book 1) French native Clémence Damour returns to Paris to run the family patisserie, a famous franchise known for their delectable gourmet pastries and sweets in Paris and around the world. To get off on the right foot with la gardienne, the caretaker of her apartment building, Clémence gives her a box of their luxury macarons. The next morning however, the half-eaten box of macarons is found near la gardienne's dead body. An incompetent inspector accuses Clémence of being the killer, which prompts her to clear her name and solve the case herself. Includes 5 Special Macaron Recipes. Éclair Murder (Book 2) After a customer is found dead after eating poisoned pistachio éclairs from her patisserie, Clémence must clear the name of one of her employees who is suspected of being the murderer. As she goes on a date with a murder suspect—and deals with a handsome but obnoxious neighbor who keeps messing up with her investigations—her week keeps getting crazier and crazier. Includes Sweet & Savory Éclair Recipes. Baguette Murder (Book 3) When Clémence Damour and her best friend Rose return from a weekend spa retreat in Switzerland, they discover Rose’s boyfriend Pierre’s dead body in the kitchen. By the hardness of the half-eaten baguette on the table, Clémence announces that he has been dead for two days. But finding the murderer proves harder than the previous cases and Clémence hits a wall with her investigation. Inspector Cyril St. Clair has his own lead, but Clémence thinks he's wrong—again. Meanwhile, her handsome but arrogant neighbor Arthur Dubois asks her out on a date. Will she ever open her heart to let love in? And will Clémence find out who killed Pierre and get justice for Rose? Perhaps the truth is right in front of her, but she just doesn’t want to see it. Includes French Bread + French Dish Recipes. Crêpe Murder (Book 4) Now that she’s solved yet another murder case, Clémence Damour finally has time to invent new pastries and dessert flavors at her patisserie. But when a Parisian socialite goes missing, Clémence and Inspector St. Clair both conclude that Carlos, a mysterious man from Clémence’s past, has kidnapped her. Between becoming a fashion designer’s new muse, surviving her own kidnapping attempt, and going to a fancy party at the Grand Palais, Clémence is in for another busy week. Includes Sweet and Savory French Crêpe Recipes! If you like light-hearted cozy mysteries with recipes by Joanne Fluke or Jessica Beck, you'll enjoy The Patisserie Mysteries. Join Clémence and her friends as they solve murder cases, bake macarons and other treats, and fall in love in The City of Lights. Box Set for Books 5-8 now available.

Bake Off Cr me de la Cr me

  • Filename: bake-off-cr-me-de-la-cr-me.
  • ISBN: 9781473615670
  • Release Date: 2016-03-24
  • Number of pages: 288
  • Author: Martin Chiffers
  • Publisher: Hachette UK

Make your cooking the crème de la crème - learn the tips and tricks of Britain's greatest pastry chefs with the book of the spectacular BBC series, from the team behind Great British Bake Off. With patisserie skills broken down to their simplest elements, you will soon be familiar with the ingredients, equipment and chemistry behind the showstopping creations you see on-screen and in the best restaurants, and be inspired to make your own irresistibly indulgent treats. From croissants to intricately layered slices and eye-catching petit gateaux, each mouth-watering recipe is illustrated with stunning photographs and accompanied by expert advice on equipment and how to achieve a truly professional finish. The recipes covered include: Baking and Viennoiserie Layered slices Patisserie Petit gateaux Tarts Classic puddings and desserts Petit Fours and biscuits The perfect book for Great British Bake Off fans wanting to take their bakes to the next level, or anyone inspired by the BBC series to find out more about the secrets of great patisserie.

MasterChef the Masters at Home

  • Filename: masterchef-the-masters-at-home.
  • ISBN: 9781472921635
  • Release Date: 2015-07-16
  • Number of pages: 288
  • Author: Bloomsbury Publishing
  • Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

Ever wondered what chefs love to cook when they are in their own kitchen? Away from the intensity and heat of restaurant service, what food makes them happiest on a weekend off? 33 globally renowned chefs have each shared three recipes for their favourite weekend treats in this special MasterChef collection of food at home. The fascinating background of each chef is explored and accompanying candid snapshots from their home life provide a unique, never-seen-before window into their world. Such an intimate showcase of chefs' private cooking is artistically captured by the legendary photographer David Loftus. This brilliant cookbook is distinctive in style and substance; a ground-breaking masterpiece for the new MasterChef book series from Absolute Press. Chefs featured include: Ferran Adria, Andoni Aduriz, Michael Anthony, Elena Arzak, Jason Atherton, Joe Bastianich, Lidia Bastianich, Claude Bosi, Massimo Bottura, Claire Clark, Wylie Dufresne, Graham Elliot, Andrew Fairlie, Peter Gilmore, Peter Gordon, Bill Granger, Angela Hartnett, Tom Kerridge, Tom Kitchin, Atul Kochhar, Pierre Koffmann, Jamie Oliver, Ashley Palmer-Watts, Neil Perry, Gordon Ramsay, Eric Ripert, Joan and Jordi Roca, Ruth Rogers, Curtis Stone, David Thompson, Mitch Tonks and Tetsuya Wakuda.

Metropolis Berlin

  • Filename: metropolis-berlin.
  • ISBN: 9780520951495
  • Release Date: 2012-11-27
  • Number of pages: 632
  • Author: Iain Boyd Whyte
  • Publisher: Univ of California Press

Metropolis Berlin: 1880-1940 reconstitutes the built environment of Berlin during the period of its classical modernity using over two hundred contemporary texts, virtually all of which are published in English translation for the first time. They are from the pens of those who created Berlin as one of the world’s great cities and those who observed this process: architects, city planners, sociologists, political theorists, historians, cultural critics, novelists, essayists, and journalists. Divided into nineteen sections, each prefaced by an introductory essay, the account unfolds chronologically, with the particular structural concerns of the moment addressed in sequence—be they department stores in 1900, housing in the 1920s, or parade grounds in 1940. Metropolis Berlin: 1880-1940 not only details the construction of Berlin, but explores homes and workplaces, public spaces, circulation, commerce, and leisure in the German metropolis as seen through the eyes of all social classes, from the humblest inhabitants of the city slums, to the great visionaries of the modern city, and the demented dictator resolved to remodel Berlin as Germania.

The Patisserie Mysteries 4 Book Box Set Volume II

  • Filename: the-patisserie-mysteries-4-book-box-set-volume-ii.
  • ISBN:
  • Release Date:
  • Number of pages: 525
  • Author: Harper Lin
  • Publisher: Harper Lin Books

From USA TODAY Bestselling Author Harper Lin: The culinary mystery series that take you on a tour of Paris! Save 34% and buy the box set that includes FOUR novellas (25,000 to 28,000 words each) in The Patisserie Mysteries. Croissant Murder (Book 5) After Clémence Damour’s last adventure, the paparazzi are following her everywhere. Her ex-boyfriend Mathieu, a talented painter, contacts her to help him with a bizarre ghost mystery, putting a strain on her current relationship with Arthur. Then Mathieu’s girlfriend Charlotte is killed in her own home, and Clémence must spend even more time with Mathieu. Will she succumb to Mathieu’s charms again? Is there really a ghost in his home? And can Clémence find out who killed Charlotte and why, without the paparazzi ruining her investigation? Includes French Croissant Recipes. Crème Brûlée Murder (Book 6) When Clémence Damour celebrates her birthday at her family’s flagship patisserie in the 16th arrondissement, one of her guests will be dead by the end of the night. Was it really a suicide or was the victim murdered by one of the other guests at the party? Includes Crème Brûlée Recipes. Madeleine Murder (Book 7) When the body of a famous actress is found in the Seine river, Clemence investigates on the set of a Hollywood film shooting on location in Paris. The case gets more bizarre when the star's personal assistant hangs herself, and Clémence's only clue is a red agenda written in code. Includes Madeleine Recipes. Opera Cake Murder (Book 8) Clémence attends Paris Fashion Week in support of her friend Marcus, a fashion designer. When Marcus’s assistant is found dead, everyone backstage is a suspect, including supermodel Gabrielle, a famous makeup artist, a hairdresser, and a nosy fashion blogger. Includes Opera Cake Recipes. If you like light-hearted cozy mysteries with recipes by Joanne Fluke or Jessica Beck, you'll enjoy The Patisserie Mysteries. Join Clémence and her friends as they solve murder cases, bake macarons and other treats, and fall in love in The City of Lights. Haven't read the first 4 books? Get the first Box Set for Books 1-4.

The Hidden Keys

  • Filename: the-hidden-keys.
  • ISBN: 9781782833543
  • Release Date: 2017-08-17
  • Number of pages: 155
  • Author: André Alexis
  • Publisher: Serpent's Tail

A slick and sophisticated mystery from the Giller Prize-winning author of Fifteen Dogs. 'This gorgeously written, funny adventure tale will keep readers up finishing it while also quietly breaking their hearts with Alexis's keen observations of people, kindness, and cruelty' - Publishers Weekly, starred review In the depths of the ill-reputed Green Dolphin bar in Toronto, Tancred Palmieri, a talented thief with extravagant tastes, encounters Willow Azarian, an aging heroin addict. She reveals to Tancred that her very wealthy father has recently passed away, leaving each of his five children a mysterious object that provides a clue to the whereabouts of a large inheritance. Willow enlists Tancred to steal these objects from her siblings and solve the puzzle. A Japanese screen, a painting that plays music, an aquavit bottle, a framed poem, and a model of Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater ... Are these really clues, or has Tancred fallen victim to the delusions of a junkie? Inspired by a reading of Treasure Island, The Hidden Keys questions what it means to be honourable and faithful in the face of desire.

Unnecessary Men

  • Filename: unnecessary-men.
  • ISBN: 9780595192281
  • Release Date: 2001-07-01
  • Number of pages: 483
  • Author: Brad Field
  • Publisher: iUniverse

Men's fiction; sexy espionage, comedy, a shoot-out, wry satire of four men who take themselveas too seriously in Europe in the '60's--before AIDS--and their ideologies less seriously than their own prospects for a line on the budget. for promotion, security, survival. Some readers will find a map of Euope useful; these guys get around.

The Dead Travel Fast

  • Filename: the-dead-travel-fast.
  • ISBN: 9781488084287
  • Release Date: 2017-09-01
  • Number of pages: 400
  • Author: Deanna Raybourn
  • Publisher: MIRA

Rediscover this gothic romance that is a gripping combination of historical atmosphere and psychological thriller, from New York Times bestselling author Deanna Raybourn. A husband, a family, a comfortable life: Theodora Lestrange lives in terror of it all. With a modest inheritance and the three gowns that comprise her entire wardrobe, Theodora leaves Edinburgh—and a disappointed suitor—far behind. She is bound for Rumania, where tales of vampires are still whispered, to visit an old friend and write the book that will bring her true independence. She arrives at a magnificent, decaying castle in the Carpathians, replete with eccentric inhabitants: the ailing dowager; the troubled steward; her own fearful friend, Cosmina. But all are outstripped in dark glamour by the castle’s master, Count Andrei Dragulescu. Bewildering and bewitching in equal measure, the brooding nobleman ignites Theodora’s imagination and awakens passions in her that she can neither deny nor conceal. His allure is superlative, his dominion over the superstitious town, absolute—Theodora may simply be one more person under his sway. Before her sojourn is ended—or her novel completed—Theodora will have encountered things as strange and terrible as they are seductive. For obsession can prove fatal…and she is in danger of falling prey to more than desire. Originally published in 2010

Great British Bake Off Perfect Cakes Bakes To Make At Home

  • Filename: great-british-bake-off-perfect-cakes-bakes-to-make-at-home.
  • ISBN: 9781473615458
  • Release Date: 2016-08-23
  • Number of pages: 320
  • Author: Linda Collister
  • Publisher: Hachette UK

Over 100 recipes from simple to showstopping bakes and cakes Bake like you're in the tent - from the comfort of your own home. Make brilliant bakes at home with this companion cookbook to the 2016 series. This essential baking book of recipes from the Great British Bake Off team is appropriate for any level of expertise. Each chapter includes favourite classics with a twist, recipes with simple ingredients to create something adventurous, and showstoppers that will guarantee you're crowned Star Baker in your own home. Inspired by Paul and Mary's words of wisdom and advice to the Bakers, this year's official companion to the series is the perfect way to start baking like The Great British Bake Off - at home. Includes: * Recipes from the Bakers of 2016, including the finalists * Mary and Paul's technical challenges * Easy to follow, step by step baking instructions * Written to help you develop skills and bring out your creativity * Beautiful photography to help you visualize your bake * Clear advice on equipment, ingredients and quantities * Recipes highlighted for 'free-from' diets and special ingredients

Fastfood at Home

  • Filename: fastfood-at-home.
  • ISBN: 9783833843549
  • Release Date: 2014-09-01
  • Number of pages: 160
  • Author: Pia Westermann
  • Publisher: GRÄFE UND UNZER

Hamburger, Döner, Currywurst - jeder kennt sie, jeder liebt sie und jeder isst sie. Weil die Zeit drängt, der Hunger groß ist und der nächste Schnellimbiss nur drei Schritte voraus. Und nach dem Essen? Sind wir zwar satt, aber meist nicht wirklich glücklich, weil Fastfood meist eben auch nicht wirklich gut ist. Dabei könnte es so viel besser schmecken: mit richtig guten Zutaten und viel Liebe zubereitet. Wo es das gibt? Natürlich in der Imbissbude zu Hause und ab sofort in Fastfood at Home! Weil hier die Pommes in frischem Frittieröl schön knusprig werden dürfen, der Pizzabelag nicht unter einer Analogkäsedecke erstickt und die Hamburgersauce ohne Glutamat-Tuning auskommt. Für was Leckeres auf die Hand muss also niemand mehr auf die Straße: Mit über 60 internationalen Rezepten von Falafeln über Fish and Chips bis Tex-Mex-Tacos kommt die ganze Fastfood-Welt jetzt in die eigenen vier Wände! Und war noch nie sooo gut!

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