Lazarus Vol 3 Conclave

  • Filename: lazarus-vol-3-conclave.
  • ISBN: 9781632154156
  • Release Date: 2015-03-18
  • Number of pages: 136
  • Author: Greg Rucka
  • Publisher: Image Comics

For the first time since dividing the world, the 16 Families have gathered together again in the exclusive luxury confines of Triton One to resolve the emerging conflict between Family Carlyle and Family Hock, and they've brought their Lazari with them. Amidst budding friendships, romance, and politics, Forever will learn the truth about who she is and the first hints of what she will become. Collects LAZARUS #10-15.

Lazarus Vol 2

  • Filename: lazarus-vol-2.
  • ISBN: 9781632151742
  • Release Date: 2014-07-30
  • Number of pages: 128
  • Author: Greg Rucka
  • Publisher: Image Comics

The second story arc in the New York Times bestselling series. Forever uncovers rebellion brewing in LA, and the Barrets, a family of "Waste," undertake a 500-mile journey to Denver in the hope that one of their family will be noticed by the Carlyles and "lifted" to Serf status.

Lazarus The Second Collection

  • Filename: lazarus-the-second-collection.
  • ISBN: 9781632159748
  • Release Date: 2016-05-18
  • Number of pages: 354
  • Author: Greg Rucka
  • Publisher: Image Comics

Sixteen Families have gathered together in the exclusive luxury confines of Triton One to resolve the emerging conflict between Carlyle and Hock, and theyÍve brought their Lazari with them. Deception and war go hand in hand, culminating in a final revelation that will truly change everything for Forever Carlyle. Collects LAZARUS #10-21

Lazarus 3

  • Filename: lazarus-3.
  • ISBN: 1632152258
  • Release Date: 2015-03-31
  • Number of pages: 144
  • Author: Greg Rucka
  • Publisher: Image Comics

"Rated M / Mature Sci-Fi/Drama" -- page 4 of cover.

Lazarus Vol 5 Cull

  • Filename: lazarus-vol-5-cull.
  • ISBN: 9781534304437
  • Release Date: 2017-05-31
  • Number of pages: 144
  • Author: Greg Rucka
  • Publisher: Image Comics

This prestige hardcover collects the first two arcs of the critically acclaimed and New York Times bestselling series; "Family," which introduces Forever Carlyle and her Family as they are brought to the brink of war in a future of economic collapse; and "Lift," where Forever uncovers a terrorist plot against her Family while another family altogether, the Barrets, take desperate measures to escape their life of poverty. PLUS! Never-before-seen work by MICHAEL LARK and graphic designer ERIC TRAUTMANN, and exclusive world-building content. Collects LAZARUS #1-9 with four-page preview and additional content.

East Of West Vol 3

  • Filename: east-of-west-vol-3.
  • ISBN: 9781632152367
  • Release Date: 2014-10-08
  • Number of pages: 144
  • Author: Jonathan Hickman
  • Publisher: Image Comics

It's the third volume of the Eisner-nominated EAST OF WEST. "There Is No Us" sees the breaking apart of the future-scape of America as the world races forward towards the apocalypse.

Conclave Lazarus

  • Filename: conclave-lazarus.
  • ISBN: 8891226122
  • Release Date: 2017
  • Number of pages: 144
  • Author: Greg Rucka
  • Publisher: Conclave. Lazarus

The Wake

  • Filename: the-wake.
  • ISBN: 9781401255992
  • Release Date: 2014-11-11
  • Number of pages: 256
  • Author: Scott Snyder
  • Publisher: Vertigo

Winner of the 2014 Eisner Award for Best Limited Series New York Times bestselling author, Scott Snyder (American Vampire, Batman, Swamp Thing) and artist Sean Murphy (Punk Rock Jesus, Joe The Barbarian), the incredible team behind the miniseries American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest, are reuniting for the powerful miniseries: THE WAKE. When Marine Biologist Lee Archer is approached by the Department of Homeland Security for help with a new threat, she declines, but quickly realizes they won't take no for an answer. Soon she is plunging to the depths of the Arctic Circle to a secret, underwater oilrig filled with roughnecks and scientists on the brink of an incredible discovery. But when things go horribly wrong, this scientific safe haven will turn into a house of horrors at the bottom of the ocean! Collects THE WAKE #1-10.

Manhattan Projects Hardcover

  • Filename: manhattan-projects-hardcover.
  • ISBN: 1632157438
  • Release Date: 2016-02-16
  • Number of pages:
  • Author: Jonathan Hickman
  • Publisher: Image Comics

What if the research and development department created to produce the first atomic bomb was a front for a series of other, more unusual, programs? What if the union of a generation's brightest minds was not a signal for optimism, but foreboding? What if everything... went wrong? Collects THE MANHATTAN PROJECTS #11-20

Exile s Return Conclave of Shadows Book 3

  • Filename: exile-s-return-conclave-of-shadows-book-3.
  • ISBN: 9780007373796
  • Release Date: 2012-09-13
  • Number of pages: 368
  • Author: Raymond E. Feist
  • Publisher: HarperCollins UK

The whole of the magnificent Riftwar Cycle by bestselling author Raymond E. Feist, master of magic and adventure, now available in ebook

iZombie Vol 1 Dead to the World

  • Filename: izombie-vol-1-dead-to-the-world.
  • ISBN: 9781401247799
  • Release Date: 2011-03-22
  • Number of pages:
  • Author: Chris Roberson
  • Publisher: Vertigo

Told from a female zombies perspective, this smart, witty detective series mixes urban fantasy and romantic dramedy. Gwendolyn –Gwen” Dylan is a 20-something gravedigger in an eco-friendly cemetery. Once a month she must eat a human brain to keep from losing her memories, but in the process she becomes consumed with the thoughts and personality of the dead person _ until she eats her next brain. She sets out to fulfi ll the dead persons last request, solve a crime or right a wrong. Our zombie girl detective is joined by a radical supporting cast: her best friend Eleanor, who happens to be a swinging 60s ghost, a posse of paintball blasting vampires, a smitten were-dog and a hot but demented mummy. Collects issues #1-6

De Ecclesia

  • Filename: de-ecclesia.
  • ISBN: UCAL:B4506635
  • Release Date: 1915
  • Number of pages: 304
  • Author: Jan Hus
  • Publisher:

Jokers and Madmen

  • Filename: jokers-and-madmen.
  • ISBN: 1401225438
  • Release Date: 2011
  • Number of pages: 285
  • Author: Ed Brubaker
  • Publisher: Dc Comics

Written by ED BRUBAKER and GREG RUCKA Art by MICHAEL LARK, BRIAN HURTT and others Cover by MICHAEL LARK From the pages of GOTHAM CENTRAL #11-22! First, The Joker terrorizes the city when he begins randomly executing people with a rifle, and no one from the Mayor on down is safe. Then, disgraced detective Harvey Bullock must settle some unfinished business. On sale JULY 6 - 288 pg, FC, $19.99 US

Orc Stain

  • Filename: orc-stain.
  • ISBN: 160706295X
  • Release Date: 2010
  • Number of pages: 168
  • Author: James Stokoe
  • Publisher:

The mighty Orc Tzar, newest leader of the orc mob, searches for the lost organ of a forgotten god, and only a lone one-eyed orc with a mysterious gift holds the key to finding the artifact and breaking the cycle.

A Universal History of Iniquity

  • Filename: a-universal-history-of-iniquity.
  • ISBN: UOM:39015053159771
  • Release Date: 2001
  • Number of pages: 104
  • Author: Jorge Luis Borges
  • Publisher: Penguin Books

Borges' first collection of stories (1935). In his writing, Borges always combined high seriousness with a wicked sense of fun. Here he reveals his delight in re-creating (or making up) colorful stories from the Orient, the Islamic world, and the Wild West, as well as his horrified fascination with knife fights, political and personal betrayal, and bloodthirsty revenge. Spark-ling with the sheer exuberant pleasure of story-telling, this collection marked the emergence of an utterly distinctive literary voice.

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