Goodbye Pet See You in Heaven

  • Filename: goodbye-pet-see-you-in-heaven.
  • ISBN: 9781785901546
  • Release Date: 2016-08-25
  • Number of pages: 300
  • Author: Bel Mooney
  • Publisher: Biteback Publishing

When her beloved small dog died, Bel Mooney was astonished at the depth of her ongoing sorrow. Sharing her loss online and in a newspaper article brought a deluge of responses, spurring Bel to explore these feelings further. Why do humans mourn pets? Can animals themselves grieve - and do they have souls? In Goodbye, Pet & See You in Heaven, Bel sets off on an emotional journey to learn more about pet bereavement. She is astounded by inexplicable 'signs' of her dog's spirit, watches Bonnie’s ashes being turned into glass, talks to experts and discusses the mysterious enduring energy of love. She discovers why Ancient Egyptians mummified animals and what different faiths, myths, writers and scientists have to say about animals and the afterlife. She also looks back over her own life and reflects on lessons learned from companion animals - and from wildlife too. As informative as it is deeply moving, Goodbye, Pet is an intensely personal, uplifting look at the love we share with pets, both in life and afterwards. Enriched by heartfelt stories and inspirational words, it is a book to be treasured by anyone who has ever loved an animal.

Die f nf Menschen die dir im Himmel begegnen

  • Filename: die-f-nf-menschen-die-dir-im-himmel-begegnen.
  • ISBN: 9783641176990
  • Release Date: 2015-05-27
  • Number of pages: 224
  • Author: Mitch Albom
  • Publisher: Goldmann Verlag

An seinem 83. Geburtstag kommt Eddie bei einem Unfall ums Leben. Es scheint das tragische Ende eines bedeutungslosen Daseins. Doch im Jenseits begegnet er fünf Menschen, die in seinem Leben eine entscheidende Rolle gespielt haben. Anhand ihrer Erzählungen offenbaren sie Eddie Zusammenhänge in seinem Schicksal, die ihm bislang verborgen waren. Sie lehren ihn, sich mit seiner Vergangenheit zu versöhnen und zeigen ihm den verborgenen Sinn in einem nur scheinbar bedeutungslosen Sein.

Den Himmel gibt s echt

  • Filename: den-himmel-gibt-s-echt.
  • ISBN: 9783775170598
  • Release Date: 2011-04-15
  • Number of pages: 160
  • Author: Lynn Vincent
  • Publisher: SCM Hänssler im SCM-Verlag

Unglaublich oder erstaunlich? Urteilen Sie selbst: Colton ist vier Jahre alt, als er lebensgefährlich erkrankt und operiert werden muss. Er überlebt um Haaresbreite. Später erzählt er seinen Eltern, dem Pastorenehepaars Todd und Sonja Burpo von erstaunlichen Dingen, die er während dieser Zeit zwischen Leben und Tod gesehen hat. Er berichtet von Tatsachen, die er gar nicht wissen konnte. Coltons Fazit: "Den Himmel gibt's echt!"

Supergute Tage oder Die sonderbare Welt des Christopher Boone

  • Filename: supergute-tage-oder-die-sonderbare-welt-des-christopher-boone.
  • ISBN: 9783641063566
  • Release Date: 2011-04-15
  • Number of pages: 288
  • Author: Mark Haddon
  • Publisher: Karl Blessing Verlag

Christopher Boone ist fünfzehn Jahre, drei Monate und zwei Tage alt. Er kennt alle Länder und deren Hauptstädte sowie sämtliche Primzahlen bis 7507. Er liebt die Farbe Rot, hasst hingegen Gelb und Braun. Unordnung, Überraschungen und fremde Menschen versetzen ihn in Panik, denn Christopher leidet an einer leichten Form von Autismus. Als aber der Pudel in Nachbars Garten mit einer Mistgabel umgebracht wird, beginnt Christopher, aus seiner fest gefügten, kleinen Welt auszubrechen: Mutig stellt er den schändlichen Verbrecher und erfährt außerdem, was es heißt, in der Welt der Erwachsenen zu leben ...

Goodbye Dear Friend

  • Filename: goodbye-dear-friend.
  • ISBN: 9781781313404
  • Release Date: 2014-01-13
  • Number of pages: 192
  • Author: Virginia Ironside
  • Publisher: Aurum Press

In this remarkable and much needed book, agony aunt Virginia Ironside recounts some of the experiences of those of us – from ordinary people today to Freud and Sir Walter Scott – who have loved, and lost, a pet, and lifts the taboo that can cause enormous distress to grieving pet owners. It’s not odd, crazy or maladjusted to cry and feel utterly lost when a pet dies. Often that pet has been a close friend – uncritical, loyal and devoted. It never answered back, has played in a way that friends wouldn’t, and has never left home like children do. There is no need to keep grief hidden or wonder why we can’t immediately ‘replace’ our dead pet with another. Feelings deserve understanding and respect. Goodbye, Dear Friend acknowledges both the extent and depth of grief of a pet. Based on an avalanche of letters about pet loss on her problem pages, Virginia Ironside takes us through the process of grieving to putting a pet to sleep, and from taking comfort in memorials to whether there is a ‘pet heaven’, concluding with useful contacts. Goodbye, Dear Friend is an essential book for every pet owner, young or old, and will bring great comfort and solace at a time when one feels most alone. In this remarkable and much needed book, agony aunt Virginia Ironside recounts some of the experiences of those of us – from ordinary people today to Freud and Sir Walter Scott – who have loved, and lost, a pet, and lifts the taboo that can cause enormous distress to grieving pet owners.

Disintegrated Harmony

  • Filename: disintegrated-harmony.
  • ISBN: 9781635081503
  • Release Date: 2015-08-10
  • Number of pages: 210
  • Author: Cat Ash
  • Publisher: America Star Books

Evil lurks its ugly head at the crossroads of peace and harmony. The little town of Stan Hope will never be the same after that fateful night of June 6th. See how the mystery unfolds as Detectives Joe Ringfeld and Roy Scott prod toward the hidden discoveries each day projecting who the killer is and what it's motives are. You will be surprised at the twists and turns throughout the book. The main characters are Tom and Jenna Madison, but there are others with interchanging lives around the mystery.

YOUR PETS IN THE AFTERLIFE When Your Dead Pets Return To See You For The Last Time

  • Filename: your-pets-in-the-afterlife-when-your-dead-pets-return-to-see-you-for-the-last-time.
  • ISBN: 9781329002067
  • Release Date: 2015-03-19
  • Number of pages: 320
  • Author: Maximillien De Lafayette
  • Publisher:

An extremely important book. Published by Times Square Press, New York. Possibly the best, the most informative and the most enlightening book ever written about our pets in the afterlife. It will change forever your perception of life after death, and your spiritual communications with your dead pets. Upon reading this book, you might shed some tears, but your heart will rejoice, and your spirit will be filled with consolation and comfort. Don't miss it.

Marley ich

  • Filename: marley-ich.
  • ISBN: 9783641168575
  • Release Date: 2015-02-23
  • Number of pages: 160
  • Author: John Grogan
  • Publisher: Page und Turner

Marley & ich – ein Hund und eine Seele! Braune Augen, goldenes Fell und geballte Lebensfreude: Das ist Marley. Seit er als Labradorwelpe zu den Grogans kam, hält er die Familie auf Trab. Seine Liebesbezeugungen sind so stürmisch wie ehrlich, seine Missachtung von Verboten so unbekümmert wie folgenreich. Doch Marleys Herz ist unendlich groß und so voller Liebe, dass niemand mehr den frechsten Hund der Welt missen möchte. Die bezaubernde Geschichte von Marley, dem charmanten Chaos-Labrador, zeigt, was Liebe und Treue für das wahre Lebensglück bedeuten.

Until Heaven Then My Friend

  • Filename: until-heaven-then-my-friend.
  • ISBN: 9781490831510
  • Release Date: 2014-05-22
  • Number of pages:
  • Author: Tana Osborn
  • Publisher: WestBow Press

Have you ever shed tears at the earthly death of a beloved dog? Have you ever wondered if you’d be with your furry friend or friends again? Have you ever dared to look in the Scriptures to find anything at all that might tell you unmistakably that your beloved dog’s journey ends safely in heaven? The reassurance you are looking for is found in God’s Word and is brought out in this book. Even though the Bible is meant to lay out the plan for human redemption, there are countless Scriptures that clearly and directly provide a peace that floods your soul, giving you peace and comfort. In this wonderfully reassuring book, complete with many photos, it shows us that there is actually a great deal of easily found information telling us that our dog friends will be waiting for us in heaven. There are many Bible teachers that concur, but if you want to hear it straight from God’s Word to give you an overwhelming, confident peace to your spirit, then this book can give you that confidence. It can help you change your good-bye forever to “until heaven then, my friend, when I see you again.”

Reif werden zum Tode

  • Filename: reif-werden-zum-tode.
  • ISBN: 3426776502
  • Release Date: 2003
  • Number of pages: 351
  • Author: Elisabeth Kübler-Ross
  • Publisher:

In die Wildnis

  • Filename: in-die-wildnis.
  • ISBN: 9783492957779
  • Release Date: 2013-02-18
  • Number of pages: 304
  • Author: Jon Krakauer
  • Publisher: Piper Verlag

Im August 1992 wurde die Leiche von Chris McCandless im Eis von Alaska gefunden. Wer war dieser junge Mann, und was hatte ihn in die gottverlassene Wildnis getrieben? Jon Krakauer hat sein Leben erforscht, seine Reise in den Tod rekonstruiert und ein traurig-schönes Buch geschrieben über die Sehnsucht, die diesen Mann veranlasste, sämtliche Besitztümer und Errungenschaften der Zivilisation hinter sich zu lassen, um tief in die wilde und einsame Schönheit der Natur einzutauchen. – Verfilmt von Sean Penn mit Emile Hirsch.

Flying Paint Rollers From Heaven

  • Filename: flying-paint-rollers-from-heaven.
  • ISBN: 9781608080953
  • Release Date: 2014-01-23
  • Number of pages: 225
  • Author: Andy Myers
  • Publisher: BQB Publishing

Can my loved ones in Heaven see what I'm doing ALL the time? Which affects my life more: free will or destiny? Do I have a grand plan? How do I know who my spirit guide is? Can one person really read the mind of another person? Am I with my soul mate? If not, when will I be? These are just some of the many questions Psychic Medium, Andy Myers answers on a daily basis. With warmth, humor and his signature sincerity, Andy addresses over 70 questions he most often answers as an in-demand psychic medium and intuitive. Andy’s passion for sharing the most important message of all – you are accepted and loved, no matter what – shines through each chapter as readers discover hope and healing through candid and oftentimes astonishing personal anecdotes and tales of documented readings. And like all great books, there’s even a love story you won’t soon forget.

Heaven Scent

  • Filename: heaven-scent.
  • ISBN: 9780755378166
  • Release Date: 2011-03-03
  • Number of pages: 394
  • Author: Sasha Wagstaff
  • Publisher: Hachette UK

A warm, witty and wildly romantic read set in the sizzling south of France. When Cat Hayes impulsively marries a handsome, penniless French waiter in St Tropez, she didn't realise she'd be widowed in just a few weeks. Neither did she know that her late husband was actually Oliver Ducasse, heir to the Ducasse perfume empire. Invited by the Ducasse family to their glamorous French mansion, Cat finds a family in chaos. What's more she's regarded her with suspicion and hostility, especially by Olivier's playboy cousin Xavier. Will she run for the hills as fast as her high heels can carry her? Or will she realise that she is exactly what this mixed-up family truly needs?

Die Sommerfrauen

  • Filename: die-sommerfrauen.
  • ISBN: 9783104014340
  • Release Date: 2012-07-25
  • Number of pages: 528
  • Author: Mary Kay Andrews
  • Publisher: S. Fischer Verlag

»Dieser Roman ist wie der schönste Tag am Strand – er soll nie zu Ende gehen!« Susan Elizabeth Phillips Ellis, Dorie und Julia sind grundverschieden und beste Freundinnen, seit sie denken können. Jetzt haben sie endlich einmal den ganzen Sommer Zeit füreinander: vier Wochen lang, in einem Ferienhaus direkt am Meer mit Sonne satt – ein Urlaub zum Träumen. Doch alle drei haben ihre Geheimnisse: Ellis hat ihren Job verloren, Dorie hat ihren Mann verlassen und Julia hat Angst, ihrer großen Liebe das Ja-Wort zu geben. Ty Bazemore wohnt nebenan, außerdem gehört ihm das schöne Ferienhaus – doch das verrät er den Frauen nicht. Als er Ellis trifft, fühlt Ty sich sofort zu ihr hingezogen. Gibt er seinen Gefühlen nach, auch wenn er damit alles auf’s Spiel setzt? Und dann ist da noch Madison, eine Frau auf der Flucht vor ihrem alten Leben: Alles was sie jetzt braucht sind ein gutes Versteck, eine neue Identität und möglichst keine Fragen. Können ihr die drei Freundinnen helfen? Vier Wochen im Sommer, drei Freundinnen und ein Traumhaus am Strand: die perfekte Sommerlektüre – Meeresrauschen inklusive!

Ferret Adventures

  • Filename: ferret-adventures.
  • ISBN: 9781622877317
  • Release Date: 2014-11-20
  • Number of pages: 156
  • Author: Lorie Mishelle R.
  • Publisher: First Edition Design Pub.

Ferret is the smallest of his litter, and he is determined to have adventures no matter how small he is. He loves to learn new big words to increase his vocabulary because he thinks every brave explorer should be smart. Ferret stumbles on his very first adventure when he learns to get out of his cage at night to explore the pet shop. He accidently falls asleep while out exploring and ends up back in his cage with no idea of how, or what put him back.. While trying to find his rescuer and solve his first adventure mystery, he meets new characters each one teaching him something new. The clock is ticking though, every day that passes could be the day he gets adopted. Will he be able to solve his first adventure and find his mystery rescuer before it’s too late? Keywords: Ferrets, Adventure, Mystery, Vocabulary, Animal Facts And Characteristics, Humorous, Good Morals, And Values. Overcoming Obstacles.

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