Gardening Mad

  • Filename: gardening-mad.
  • ISBN: 1579590071
  • Release Date: 1998
  • Number of pages: 192
  • Author: Monty Don
  • Publisher: Soma Books

Monty Don offers his keen observations and trenchant opinions on gardening in 48 delightful essays.

We Made a Garden

  • Filename: we-made-a-garden.
  • ISBN: 9781849940504
  • Release Date: 2011-12-19
  • Number of pages: 300
  • Author: Margery Fish
  • Publisher: Pavilion Books

First published in 1956, We Made a Garden is the story of how Margery Fish, the leading gardener of the 1960s, and her husband Walter transformed an acre of wilderness into a stunning cottage garden, still open to the public at East Lambrook Manor, Somerset, England. This is now one of the most important books on gardening ever written. A beautiful and timeless book on creating a garden. Margery Fish turned to gardening when she was in her mid-forties and went on to develop the whole concept of a cottage garden. She had a love of flowers coupled with a passion for nature and made an intensive research into the traditionally grown plants with which cottage gardens in Britain were once so densely planted. In this classic owrk, she recounts the trails and tribulations, successes and failures, of her venture with ease and humour. Topics covered are colourful and diverse, ranging from the most suitable hyssop for the terraced garden through composting, hedges, making paths to the best time to lift and replant tulip bulbs. Her good sense, practical knowledge and imaginative ideas will encourage and inspire gardeners everywhere.

Organic Gardening

  • Filename: organic-gardening.
  • ISBN:
  • Release Date: 2006-06
  • Number of pages: 72
  • Author:
  • Publisher:

Organic Gardening magazine inspires and empowers readers with trusted information about how to grow the freshest, most healthful food, create a beautiful, safe haven around their homes, use our natural resources wisely, and care for the environment in all aspects of their lives.

The Compleat English Gardener Or Gardening Made Perfectly Easy Containing Full and Plain Directions for the Proper Management of the Flower Fruit and Kitchen Gardens for Every Month in the Year The Second Edition

  • Filename: the-compleat-english-gardener-or-gardening-made-perfectly-easy-containing-full-and-plain-directions-for-the-proper-management-of-the-flower-fruit-and-kitchen-gardens-for-every-month-in-the-year-the-second-edition.
  • ISBN: BL:A0019835094
  • Release Date: 1785
  • Number of pages: 156
  • Author: Samuel Cooke (gardener at Overton, Wiltshire.)
  • Publisher:

An Encyclopaedia of Gardening Comprising the Theory and Practice of Horticulture Floriculture Arboriculture and Landscape gardening Including a General History of Gardening in All Countries

  • Filename: an-encyclopaedia-of-gardening-comprising-the-theory-and-practice-of-horticulture-floriculture-arboriculture-and-landscape-gardening-including-a-general-history-of-gardening-in-all-countries.
  • ISBN: BCUL:1094788729
  • Release Date: 1822
  • Number of pages: 1469
  • Author: John Claudius Loudon
  • Publisher:

Create your dream garden

  • Filename: create-your-dream-garden.
  • ISBN: 9781904902249
  • Release Date: 2005-02-25
  • Number of pages: 256
  • Author: Infinite Ideas
  • Publisher: Infinite Ideas

Don't worry, Create your dream garden isn't your usual garden makeover book that tries to convince you to put decking over every plant you have. Instead this book will help you to discover what's practical for you to achieve and most importantly what you can do that's relatively low maintenance. It is designed to help you achieve the garden you have always wanted while also being practical and realistic about the time you have to do it. By the end of this book you won't have a degree in horticulture, but you will have a garden that blooms and delights.

Annuals for Every Garden

  • Filename: annuals-for-every-garden.
  • ISBN: 1889538574
  • Release Date: 2003
  • Number of pages: 112
  • Author: Scott D. Appell
  • Publisher: Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Hundreds of spectacular annuals, at-a glance growing information by the best experts in the field, inspired plant combinations, and more than 80 dazzling photos: how could any gardener do without this guide? It covers almost every type of annual in an encyclopedic directory, including some less well-known varieties from the Southwestern United States and Mexico: there are plants for drying; edible ones from Asia and Africa to enhance the herb garden and kitchen table; evening bloomers and morning glories; annuals to pick for a perfect bouquet and others that create shade; tropicals and tender plants; and seaside annuals. Every one will blossom beautifully with the advice on propagation and instructions for pinching, disbudding, and deadheading. Or try the tips on caring for and handling fresh cut annuals. Two complete garden plans showcase the infinite array, color, and creative potential of these plants, and reveal why they are called "the gardener's palette."

Gardening in Britain

  • Filename: gardening-in-britain.
  • ISBN: UCAL:B4572957
  • Release Date: 1960
  • Number of pages: 482
  • Author: Miles Hadfield
  • Publisher:

Off Duty

  • Filename: off-duty.
  • ISBN: 9781434374769
  • Release Date: 2008-04
  • Number of pages: 108
  • Author: Bob Whittington
  • Publisher: AuthorHouse

Off Duty is a series of informal photographs of some of the most distinguished men and women in their fields, as well as some new faces, looking not at their work but at their hobbies and pastimes. This Volume focuses on people from the Asian community living in the United Kingdom.

Garden Madness

  • Filename: garden-madness.
  • ISBN: 1555912222
  • Release Date: 1995
  • Number of pages: 256
  • Author: Susan M. Watkins
  • Publisher: Fulcrum Pub

This zany look at gardening makes the perfect gift for serious gardeners who don't take themselves too seriously.

Gardening in the Dark

  • Filename: gardening-in-the-dark.
  • ISBN: 9781847479860
  • Release Date: 2011-06-01
  • Number of pages: 180
  • Author: Jennifer Syrkiewicz
  • Publisher: Chipmunkapublishing ltd

DescriptionAlbert Camus wrote that the only real question a human being has to ask of themselves is; should I live, or should I die? Before this question is answered, we are unable to progress with life, to seize the grass and the smiles and the sunlight, because we are still pondering. 'Gardening in the Dark' follows the path of Alex, as she stumbles towards making this decision. Interspersed with her story we meet Ally, a young girl whose childhood is entirely affected by the impact of her Mother's Bipolar. Through Alex and Ally's stories, we come to realise that the cyclical nature of the condition affects not just a single person, but entire generations. Despite this, 'Gardening in the Dark' is ultimately a poignant and evocative novel about love, embracing life, and personal triumph over tragedy About the AuthorJennifer Syrkiewicz has been writing all her life, drawing from a mixture of personal experience and imagination to inform her fiction. Diagnosed with Bipolar Affective Disorder, Jennifer wrote her first novel, 'Gardening in the Dark', to raise awareness of the condition and express how Bipolar affects the lives of both the person diagnosed, and those around them. Since writing the novel, Jennifer has set up a support group for the condition in her area. Jennifer was born in 1976, in Yorkshire. Following a meandering trail across the UK to attend various universities, she is now happily settled in North Yorkshire with her husband Paul and two dogs. She runs a small Communications business and spends most of her time blogging, writing articles and producing fiction and poetry.

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