Gute Ritter b se Heiden

  • Filename: gute-ritter-b-se-heiden.
  • ISBN: 9783412503376
  • Release Date: 2016-04
  • Number of pages: 408
  • Author: Niels Brandt
  • Publisher: Böhlau Verlag Köln Weimar

J S Bach s Leipzig Chorale Preludes

  • Filename: j-s-bach-s-leipzig-chorale-preludes.
  • ISBN: 9780810881822
  • Release Date: 2011-10-10
  • Number of pages: 326
  • Author: Anne Leahy
  • Publisher: Scarecrow Press

In 2007, the great Bach scholar Anne Leahy died at the age of 46. She was a leading light in Bach studies and lecturer at the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) Conservatory of Music and Drama. Posthumously edited by renowned Bach scholar Robin A. Leaver, Leahy's dissertation research forms the basis for this original study of the preludes to Bach's Leipzig chorales. Originally composed in Weimar and later revised in Leipzig, Bach's compositions have been a source of some puzzlement. As Leahy notes, "the original intentions of Bach and the possible purpose of this collection might be regarded as speculative." Working from available sources, however, she argues that through the careful examination of the links among the music, hymn texts, and theological sources some answers may be had. From Bach's personal and deep interest in Lutheran theology to his enormous musical passion, Leahy considers closely a series of critical questions: does the original manuscript for the chorales simply reflect a random gathering of compositions or is there a common theme in setting? How critical is the order of the chorales and what is the theological significance of that order? Were the chorales a unified collection, and if so, which parts were to be included and which not? Indeed, were the chorales themselves part of a possibly larger corpus? As Leahy makes evident, there are no simple answers, which is why she considers critical the relationship the texts of the hymns to the chorales and to one another, outlining a theological pattern that is vital to fully grasping the guiding philosophy of these compositions. J. S. Bach's "Leipzig" Chorale Preludes: Music, Text, Theology is ideally suited for Bach scholars and those with a general interest in the intricate connections between text and music in the composition of religious music.

The First Modern Museums of Art

  • Filename: the-first-modern-museums-of-art.
  • ISBN: 9781606061206
  • Release Date: 2012-11-16
  • Number of pages: 368
  • Author: Carole Paul
  • Publisher: Getty Publications

In the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries the first modern, public museums of art—civic, state, or national—appeared throughout Europe, setting a standard for the nature of such institutions that has made its influence felt to the present day. Although the emergence of these museums was an international development, their shared history has not been systematically explored until now. Taking up that project, this volume includes chapters on fifteen of the earliest and still major examples, from the Capitoline Museum in Rome, opened in 1734, to the Alte Pinakothek in Munich, opened in 1836. These essays consider a number of issues, such as the nature, display, and growth of the museums’ collections and the role of the institutions in educating the public. The introductory chapters by art historian Carole Paul, the volume’s editor, lay out the relationship among the various museums and discuss their evolution from private noble and royal collections to public institutions. In concert, the accounts of the individual museums give a comprehensive overview, providing a basis for understanding how the collective emergence of public art museums is indicative of the cultural, social, and political shifts that mark the transformation from the early-modern to the modern world. The fourteen distinguished contributors to the book include Robert G. W. Anderson, former director of the British Museum in London; Paula Findlen, Ubaldo Pierotti Professor of Italian History at Stanford University; Thomas Gaehtgens, director of the Getty Research Institute; and Andrew McClellan, dean of academic affairs and professor of art history at Tufts University. Show more Show less

Music and Theology

  • Filename: music-and-theology.
  • ISBN: 9781461701514
  • Release Date: 2006-12-13
  • Number of pages: 296
  • Author: Daniel Zager
  • Publisher: Scarecrow Press

The scholar Robin A. Leaver holds a unique place in sacred music scholarship because of his training in both music and theology. He has written widely, bringing acute insights on a variety of musical repertories and topics related to Martin Luther, sixteenth-century psalmody, hymnody, and the sacred music of Johann Sebastian Bach. In Music and Theology, twelve scholars influenced by Leaver's work contribute essays in diverse areas of sacred music history and philosophy, focusing on the intersection of music and theology. Ranging chronologically from the twelfth-century writer and composer Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179) to present-day considerations of American church music and worship, the volume provides thought-provoking new work for all who study church music. Reflecting the prominent emphasis in Leaver's own scholarship, eight chapters deal with the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, including his organ music, sacred cantatas, and passion settings. A final chapter provides a chronological listing of Leaver's own voluminous writings on music and theology.

Explaining Hitler

  • Filename: explaining-hitler.
  • ISBN: 9780306823190
  • Release Date: 2014-07-08
  • Number of pages: 520
  • Author: Ron Rosenbaum
  • Publisher: Hachette UK

In Explaining Hitler, Ron Rosenbaum investigates the meanings and motivations people have attached to Hitler and his crimes against humanity. What does Hitler tell us about the nature of evil? In often dramatic encounters, Rosenbaum confronts historians, scholars, filmmakers, and deniers as he skeptically analyzes the key strains of Hitler interpretation. A balanced and thoughtful overview of a subject both frightening and profound, this is an extraordinary quest, an expedition into the war zone of Hitler theories, “a provocative work of cultural history that is as compelling as it is thoughtful, as readable as it is smart” (New York Times). First published in 1998 to rave reviews, Explaining Hitler became a New York Times–bestseller. This new edition is an update of that classic and a critically important contribution to the study of the twentieth century's darkest moment.

Fortschritte in Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie

  • Filename: fortschritte-in-psychiatrie-und-psychotherapie.
  • ISBN: 9783709161692
  • Release Date: 2011-06-28
  • Number of pages: 224
  • Author: Konrad Peter
  • Publisher: Springer-Verlag

Im vorliegenden Buch werden von führenden Vertretern der Fachgebiete Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie neueste Erkenntnisse für den klinischen Alltag aufbereitet dargestellt. Der erste Beitrag äußert sich grundsätzlich zum psychischen Kranksein. Schwerpunkte bilden weiterhin epidemiologische und klinische Fragestellungen der Schizophrenieforschung, ausgewählte Aspekte der Alkoholabhängigkeit, die Verbindung von Grundlagen und Klinik bei den neurodegenerativen Erkrankungen, interessante Kasuistiken aus dem klinischen Alltag, das Feld der Versorgungsforschung und die Laborarbeit. Ein Überblick über die deutschsprachigen psychiatrischen Lehr- und Lernbücher und ein kulturhistorisches Quantum runden den Inhalt ab. Das Buch wendet sich an Psychiater, Psychotherapeuten, Psychologen, Pädagogen und alle Interessierten, die sich im beruflichen Alltag oder anderwärtig mit Fragen und Problemen von Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie beschäftigen.

Critica Et Philologica Nachleben First Two Centuries Tertullian to Arnobius Egypt Before Nicaea Athanasius and His Opponents

  • Filename: critica-et-philologica-nachleben-first-two-centuries-tertullian-to-arnobius-egypt-before-nicaea-athanasius-and-his-opponents.
  • ISBN: 9042909234
  • Release Date: 2001-01-01
  • Number of pages: 519
  • Author: Maurice F. Wiles
  • Publisher: Peeters Publishers

Papers presented at the Thirteenth International Conference on Patristic Studies held in Oxford 1999 (see also Studia Patristica 34, 35, 37 and 38). The successive sets of Studia Patristica contain papers delivered at the International Conferences on Patristic Studies, which meet for a week once every four years in Oxford; they are held under the aegis of the Theology Faculty of the University. Members of these conferences come from all over the world and most offer papers. These range over the whole field, both East and West, from the second century to a section on the Nachleben of the Fathers. The majority are short papers dealing with some small and manageable point; they raise and sometimes resolve questions about the authenticity of documents, dates of events, and such like, and some unveil new texts. The smaller number of longer papers put such matters into context and indicate wider trends. The whole reflects the state of Patristic scholarship and demonstrates the vigour and popularity of the subject.

Ist es alles nur die Krankheit

  • Filename: ist-es-alles-nur-die-krankheit.
  • ISBN: 9783642572449
  • Release Date: 2013-03-11
  • Number of pages: 31
  • Author: Heinz Häfner
  • Publisher: Springer-Verlag

In mehr als 100 Jahren Schizophrenieforschung sind große Fortschritt in der Therapie der akuten schizophrenen Psychose und in der Verminderung des Rückfallrisikos gemacht worden. Die kognitive und soziale Beeinträchtigung, die mit der Krankheit so häufig einhergeht, entzieht sich dagegen bis heute einer wirksamen Vorbeugung oder Behandlung. Für den chronischen Verlauf, die sozialen Folgen und das Lebensschicksal der Kranken sind diese Behinderungen weitaus bedeutsamer als die psychotischen Episoden. Die systematischen Studien, die hier dargestellt werden, sind mit der Absicht unternommen worden, Zeitpunkt des Auftretens und Art dieser Behinderung und die Entstehung ihrer Folgen sorgfältig zu untersuchen. Die Ergebnisse eröffnen neue Einsichten in den Frühverlauf der Krankheit und in das komplexe Zusammenwirken von Entwicklungsfaktoren biologischer und psychologischer Prozesse in der Entstehung der Krankheiten.

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