Clinical Neurophysiology Board Review Q A

  • Filename: clinical-neurophysiology-board-review-q-a.
  • ISBN: 9781936287871
  • Release Date: 2014-09-30
  • Number of pages: 408
  • Author: Puneet K. Gupta
  • Publisher: Demos Medical Publishing

" ""This is a very useful board review for the neurophysiology sections in several board certification examinations. Anyone preparing for these examinations should have access to these prototypical questions and the explanations of the answers."" --Doody's Reviews This high-yield, illustrated clinical neurophysiology board review is a comprehensive resource for assessing and refining the knowledge tested on multiple board examinations. Written by authors who are collectively board certified in all of the areas covered, the book is a valuable study tool for candidates preparing for certification or recertification in clinical neurophysiology, neuromuscular medicine, epilepsy, sleep medicine, and neurology. Using structured question formats typically encountered on boards, this comprehensive review allows users to assess their knowledge in a wide range of topics, provides rationales for correct answers, and explains why the other choices are incorrect. A unique ìPearlsì section at the end of the book allows for quick review of the most important concepts prior to exam day. Clinical Neurophysiology Board Review Q&A contains 801 questions with answers and detailed explanations. The book is divided into eight chapters covering anatomy and physiology, electronics and instrumentation, nerve conduction studies and EMG, EEG, evoked potentials and intraoperative monitoring, sleep studies, ethics and safety, and advanced topics including QEEG, MEG, TES, autonomic testing, and more. Liberal use of image-based questions illustrating the full spectrum of neurophysiologic tests and findings build interpretive skills. Questions are randomized and include both case-related questions in series and stand-alone items to familiarize candidates with the question types and formats they will find on the exam. Key Features: ? Contains 801 high-yield board-type questions covering all areas of the complex subspecialty of clinical neurophysiology ? Q&A format with answers and detailed rationales to facilitate recall of must-know information and help identify knowledge gaps for further study ? P rovides case-based questions in series to simulate full range of board question types ? I ncludes 148 state-of-the-art digital images to ensure familiarity with studies and findings that form a significant part of any certifying exam ? Contains unique ìPearls for Passingî section for quick review of key facts "

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Board Review Third Edition

  • Filename: physical-medicine-and-rehabilitation-board-review-third-edition.
  • ISBN: 9781620700396
  • Release Date: 2014-11-25
  • Number of pages: 1000
  • Author: Sara Cuccurullo
  • Publisher: Demos Medical Publishing

" Doody's Core Title 2013! ""This book does an excellent job and is currently the only known review book for physiatrists. The author has done it again, producing an excellent, concise resource that provides clinicians with an optimal solution for studying for the written board examination."" --Doodys Reviews This third edition of the incomparable review bible for the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Board Examination has been completely updated to reflect current practice and the core knowledge tested on the exam. Known for its organization, consistency, and clarity, the book distills the essentials and provides focused reviews of all major topics. Coverage is expanded in the third edition to include dedicated sections on pain management, medical ethics, and ultrasound that reflect new board requirements. Written in outline format for readability and easy access to information, content is modeled after the topic selection of the AAPMR Self-Directed Medical Knowledge Program used by residents nationwide. To aid in information retention, ìPearlsî are designated with an open-book icon to highlight key concepts and stress clinical and board-eligible aspects of each topic. The text is divided into major subspecialty areas written by authors with clinical expertise in each subject area, and content is reviewed by senior specialists to ensure the utmost accuracy. More than 500 high-quality illustrations clarify and reinforce concepts. The book also provides updated epidemiologic and statistical data throughout and includes a section on biostatistics in physical medicine and rehabilitation. In addition to its proven value as a resource for exam preparation, the book is also a must-have for practicing physiatrists seeking recertification, and for PM&R instructors helping trainees to prepare for the exam. New to the Third Edition: Thoroughly reviewed, revised, and updated to reflect current practice and core knowledge tested on Boards Improved organization, clarity, and consistency Presents new chapters/sections on pain management, medical ethics, and ultrasound Key Features: Board""Pearlsî are highlighted with an open-book icon throughout the text to flag key concepts and stress high-yield aspects of each topic Models the table of contents after the topic selection of the AAPMR Self-Directed Medical Knowledge Program used by residents nationwide Authored by physicians with special interest and clinical expertise in their respective areas and reviewed by senior specialists in those areas Organizes information in outline format and by topic for easy reference Includes over 500 illustrations to clarify concepts Provides updated epidemiologic and statistical data throughout Contains a section on biostatistics in physical medicine & rehabilitation Praise for the First Edition: ì... there is no other comparable text in PM&R. The key resource for facts needed to pass boards and useful for those in clinical practice for day to day use as well. - -Doody's Reviews ""I congratulate the editors and authors for coming up with such incredible and concise work...I think that this book is a must for all residents undergoing training in the field of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation."" -Saudi Medical Journal ""Over the years many residents have confronted the problem of what to study for the boards...This elegant volume will finally fulfill this critical void"" - From the foreword by Ernest W. Johnson, M.D. "

The Encyclopedia of Sleep and Sleep Disorders

  • Filename: the-encyclopedia-of-sleep-and-sleep-disorders.
  • ISBN: 9781438125770
  • Release Date: 2010
  • Number of pages: 369
  • Author: Charles Pollak
  • Publisher: Infobase Publishing

Presents articles on sleep and sleep disorders, including symptoms, treatment options, and definitions of clinical terminology.

Epilepsy and Intensive Care Monitoring

  • Filename: epilepsy-and-intensive-care-monitoring.
  • ISBN: 1935281593
  • Release Date: 2009-10-23
  • Number of pages: 384
  • Author: Bruce J Fisch, MD
  • Publisher: Demos Medical Publishing

Unlike many other diagnostic procedures, EEG, now over 80 years old, and epilepsy monitoring, now over 40 years old, have demonstrated their usefulness and stood the test of time. Although the benefits of these diagnostic procedures are clear, monitoring is currently not available to the majority of patients in need. One of the factors limiting broader implementation is the lack of practitioners with special expertise. Epilepsy and Intensive Care Monitoring was developed to address this concern. This practical volume contains detailed chapters covering all areas of clinical epilepsy monitoring. Featuring expert authors from major epilepsy centers, this seminal work reviews all current procedures and applications for monitoring adults and children with epilepsy in the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit and the ICU. Opening sections are devoted to indications, procedures, administrative considerations, and technical aspects of the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit and ICU monitoring, followed by dedicated sections on EEG diagnosis and localization and monitoring of neurological disorders in the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit and ICU. The book concludes with special procedures and an Appendix with guidelines for organizing epilepsy monitoring centers and technical aspects of EEG monitoring. Key Features include Covers both adult and pediatric Epilepsy Monitoring Unit and ICU monitoring Contains over 235 high-quality EEGs and other illustrations, including an 8-page color section Comprehensive coverage; no other book in this area has comparable breadth and depth Clinical Focus Expert authors tell you when and how to perform the procedures they discuss

Risk Control and Quality Management in Neurosurgery

  • Filename: risk-control-and-quality-management-in-neurosurgery.
  • ISBN: 3211836780
  • Release Date: 2001-10-15
  • Number of pages: 225
  • Author: H.-J. Steiger
  • Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

Quality in an invasive discipline such as neurosurgery comprises evidence based medicine, cost effectiveness and also risk control. Risk control and quality management have become a science on their own, combining the expertise of many specialists such as psychologists, mathematicians and also economists. Intensive communication with basic safety scientists as well as safety experts from the industry and traffic promises ideas and concepts than can be adopted for neurosurgery. An international conference was held in Munich in October 2000 bringing together neurosurgeons and safety experts from outside medicine in order to discuss basic aspects of risk control and quality management and to develop structures applicable to neurosurgery. Basic aspects such as principles of risk and safety management, the human factor as well as standards of neurosurgical patient care, proficiency of staff and residents, and industrial quality standards were discussed. The presentations and discussions resulted in a wealth of new ideas and concepts. This book contains this material and thus provides a unique and comprehensive source of information on the current possibilities of quality management in neurosurgery.

AHA Guide to the Health Care Field

  • Filename: aha-guide-to-the-health-care-field.
  • ISBN: 0872587576
  • Release Date: 2000
  • Number of pages:
  • Author: American Hospital Association
  • Publisher: American Hospital Association

"A guide to United States hospitals, health care systems, networks, alliances, health organizations, agencies, and providers"--Cover.

Tendon and Nerve Surgery in the Hand

  • Filename: tendon-and-nerve-surgery-in-the-hand.
  • ISBN: UOM:39015038600568
  • Release Date: 1997-01-01
  • Number of pages: 692
  • Author: James Megargee Hunter
  • Publisher: Mosby Incorporated

The latest basic research is evaluated and integrated into clinical management in a comprehensive book that encompasses all aspects of tendon and nerve surgery of the hand. Topics covered include surgical techniques for both tendon and nerve injuries, evaluation of surgical outcome, psychologic impact of hand injuries and surgical rehabilitative methods.

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