ASVAB Study Guide 2017 2018

  • Filename: asvab-study-guide-2017-2018.
  • ISBN: 163530105X
  • Release Date: 2017-01-18
  • Number of pages: 380
  • Author: Asvab Exam Prep Team
  • Publisher: Trivium LLC

"Trivium Test Prep study guides are streamlined and concept driven - not filled with excess junk, silly attempts at humor or confusing filler - so you get better results through more effective study time. Why spend days or even weeks reading through meaningless junk, trying to sort out the helpful information from the fluff? We give you everything you need to know in a concise, comprehensive, and effective package."--Page 4 of cover.

Trivium ASVAB Study Guide 2016

  • Filename: trivium-asvab-study-guide-2016.
  • ISBN: 1941759688
  • Release Date: 2016-01-08
  • Number of pages: 334
  • Author: Asvab Test Prep Book Team
  • Publisher: Trivium LLC

Trivium's ASVAB Study Guide 2016 provides the information, insider tips, and confidence you need to make the highest AFQT score. Our ASVAB study guide provides a comprehensive, easy-to-understand review of all tested concepts, with over 400 example questions covering each and every section of the ASVAB test. Trivium Test Prep's ASVAB Study Guide 2016 also includes two full practice tests, to ensure that you master the material. Best of all, our study guide is streamlined and concept-driven, guaranteeing you'll get better results through shorter, more effective study time. Trivium Test Prep gives you "everything you need to know" in a concise, comprehensive, and effective package.

ASVAB Study Guide 2015 2016

  • Filename: asvab-study-guide-2015-2016.
  • ISBN: 0692414185
  • Release Date: 2015-03-23
  • Number of pages: 294
  • Author: Asvab Study Guide 2015-2016 Team
  • Publisher:

Developed for students trying to score well on the ASVAB, this comprehensive study guide includes: -Word Knowledge Test Review -Paragraph Comprehension Test Review -Arithmetic Reasoning and Mathematics Knowledge Review -General Science Test Review -Assembling Objects Test Review -Mechanical Comprehension Test Review -One ASVAB Practice Test Plus 2 Additional AFQT Practice Tests -Detailed Answer Explanations for the Practice Questions -Test Taking Strategies Each section review goes into detail to cover all of the content likely to appear on the ASVAB. The ASVAB practice tests were designed to be as close as possible to the real test questions that you will face on test day. There are 185 questions on the main ASVAB practice test and 105 in each of the two bonus AFQT practice tests. This is a total of almost 400 ASVAB practice questions to help get you ready for your exam. The practice exams are each followed by detailed answer explanations. If you miss a question on the practice exam, it's important that you are able to understand the nature of your mistake and how to avoid making it again in the future. The answer explanations will help you to learn from your mistakes and overcome them. Understanding the latest test taking strategies is essential to preparing you for what you will expect on the exam. A test taker has to not only understand the material that is being covered on the test, but also must be familiar with the strategies that are necessary to properly utilize the time provided and get through the test without making any avoidable errors. Anyone planning to take the ASVAB should take advantage of the review material, practice tests, and test taking strategies contained in this study guide.

ASVAB Strategy

  • Filename: asvab-strategy.
  • ISBN: 9781480259287
  • Release Date: 2012-11-01
  • Number of pages: 150
  • Author: Complete Test Preparation Team
  • Publisher: Complete Test Preparation Inc.

Learn and Practice Proven ASVAB multiple choice strategies for Paragraph Comprehension, Arithmetic Reasoning and Basic Math! Complete ASVAB test prep! If you are preparing for the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery Exam, (ASVAB) you probably want all the help you can get! ASVAB Test Strategy is your complete guide to answering multiple choice questions! You will learn: Powerful multiple choice strategies with practice questions - Learn 15 powerful multiple choice strategies and then use your strategy for ASVAB practice. Answer key for all ASVAB practice questions with extensive commentary including tips, short-cuts and strategies. Test Prep for the ASVAB exam - make sure you are preparing properly and not wasting valuable study time! Who does well on multiple choice tests like the ASVAB and who does not - and how to make sure you do! How to handle trick questions - usually there are one or two trick questions to separate the really good students from the rest - tips and strategies to handle these special questions. Step-by-step strategy for answering multiple choice - on any subject! Common Mistakes on the ASVAB - and how to avoid them How to avoid test anxiety - how to avoid one of the most common reasons for low scores on a test Test Preparation for the ASVAB - proper preparation for your exam will definitely boost your score! How to psych yourself up for the ASVAB - tips on the the all-important mental test preparation! Learn what you must do in the test room Includes over 100 ASVAB practice questions! Once you learn our powerful multiple choice strategy techniques, practice them right away on paragraph comprehension, basic math and arithmetic reasoning! Remember it only a few percentage points divide the PASS from the FAIL students. Why not do everything you can to increase your score on the ASVAB?

ASVAB Practice Test Review Book

  • Filename: asvab-practice-test-review-book.
  • ISBN: 1941743838
  • Release Date: 2016-06-27
  • Number of pages: 208
  • Author: Asvab Exam Prep Team
  • Publisher: Trivium Test Prep

Over 600 score boosting ASVAB practice questions! Working through ASVAB practice exam questions is the most important and one of the most effective methods possible for preparing for the ASVAB exam. If you don't know what is it on the exam, how can you be ready for test day? Whether you've already studied for the ASVAB or have yet to crack a study guide, these ASVAB practice exam questions are a critical aspect to fully preparing. So even if you feel like you know the material and just want to hone your skills and get some practice, you will find no better ASVAB exam practice test questions than these.

ASVAB 2016 Complete Practice Test Book 400 Practice Questions for the ASVAB Exam

  • Filename: asvab-2016-complete-practice-test-book-400-practice-questions-for-the-asvab-exam.
  • ISBN: 1533309086
  • Release Date: 2016-05-17
  • Number of pages: 228
  • Author: Strategic Test Prep Solutions Asvab Group
  • Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

The ASVAB 2016 Practice Test Book by Strategic Test Prep Solutions is the premier ASVAB practice workbook for the ASVAB exam. Prepared by ASVAB and military experts, our ASVAB test study guide contains 400 ASVAB practice questions with step-by-step answers. Save time by simply working through test questions instead of reading a long, boring study guide. Save money by purchasing only practice questions for the subjects you need help with. Study strategically with Strategic Test Prep Solutions, and ace the test! This practice test book includes 400 practice questions and covers the following topics: GEOLOGY METEOROLOGY ASTRONOMY MECHANICAL FOUNDATIONS ELECTRICITY BIOLOGY CHEMISTRY PHYSICS ECOLOGY ARITHMETIC MATHEMATICS SHOP AUTOMOTIVE VOCABULARY CRITICAL READING Be sure to check out our other titles in this series: ASVAB Mathematics covers the Arithmetic Reasoning and Mathematics Knowledge subtests of the ASVAB exam ASVAB English covers the Paragraph Comprehension and Word Knowledge subtests of the ASVAB exam ASVAB Science covers the General Science subtest of the ASVAB exam ASVAB Special Skills covers the Mechanical Comprehension, Electronics Info, and Auto/Shop subtests of the ASVAB exam ASVAB Complete combines all 4 books into 1, covering the 8 major subtests of the ASVAB exam

ASVAB 2017 2018 Strategies Practice Review with 4 Practice Tests

  • Filename: asvab-2017-2018-strategies-practice-review-with-4-practice-tests.
  • ISBN: 9781506203164
  • Release Date: 2016-07-05
  • Number of pages: 648
  • Author: Kaplan
  • Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Offers test-taking tips, diagnostic tests, review, and three practice exams with answers and detailed explanations for all portions of the ASVAB.

Kaplan ASVAB Premier 2016 with 6 Practice Tests

  • Filename: kaplan-asvab-premier-2016-with-6-practice-tests.
  • ISBN: 9781506207568
  • Release Date: 2015-09-09
  • Number of pages: 588
  • Author: Kaplan Test Prep
  • Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Kaplan's ASVAB Premier 2016 with 6 Practice Tests is an in-depth study system providing book and online practice and review for all portions of the ASVAB and AFQT. This edition features mobile-ready online resources and tons of realistic practice, so you'll find everything you need to get the results you want on the ASVAB and AFQT. This NEW edition features more video resources and an expanded Quiz Bank for use on your computer or mobile device. Kaplan’s ASVAB Premier 2016 includes: NEW! Six additional introductory math videos that review basic concepts commonly seen in the Arithmetic Reasoning and Mathematics Knowledge subtests Reinforce important concepts for the technical subtests 1,200+ realistic practice questions with explanations 6 full-length ASVAB practice tests with detailed explanations: 3 in the book and 3 online An online Quiz Bank you can use to create custom quizzes with just the material you need to focus on Expert mobile-ready video tutorials online Math and verbal study sheets Study on the go with mobile-ready online practice tests and score reports Detailed math and verbal review, including targeted strategies for vocabulary questions and math problem solving An extensive word list to help you build your vocabulary Comprehensive content review and specific methods for tackling all technical topics: science, electronics, auto/shop, mechanical information, and object assembly Study on the go with mobile-enabled online practice test with detailed score reporting Specific strategies for mastering the Computer Based Test format Kaplan’s ASVAB Premier 2016 is the ultimate study system for individuals interested in the military. Get the results you want and pursue the military career path you want.

2016 2017 ASVAB For Dummies with Online Practice

  • Filename: 2016-2017-asvab-for-dummies-with-online-practice.
  • ISBN: 9781119239260
  • Release Date: 2016-07-14
  • Number of pages: 456
  • Author: Rod Powers
  • Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

The bestselling ASVAB test-prep guide—now updated for 2016/2017 Inside, you'll get in-depth reviews of all nine test subjects you'll encounter on the ASVAB, strategy cheat sheets for verbal, math, and general components, and tips to help you pinpoint your weaknesses and hone your test-taking skills in the areas where you need the most help. Your book purchase also includes a one-year subscription to online study tools, where you'll access six ASVAB practice tests, one AFQT practice test, 500 flashcards to improve your vocabulary, and tools to track your progress. The ASVAB is the most widely used multiple aptitude test in the world. If you're one of the more than one million people preparing to take the ASVAB this year, this updated edition of ASVAB For Dummies gives you everything you need to get the score you need to get the military job you want! Test your skills with practice problems on each of the test's nine subtests Score high and qualify for the military job you want Boost your math, science, and English skills Get one-year access to additional online practice If you have your sights set on enlisting in the military and want to ensure you perform your very best on test day, ASVAB For Dummies makes it easier.

Barron s ASVAB

  • Filename: barron-s-asvab.
  • ISBN: 0764140884
  • Release Date: 2009
  • Number of pages: 521
  • Author: Terry L. Duran
  • Publisher: Barron's Educational Series

Presents subject reviews, including science, arithmetic, reading comprehension, and electronics fundamentals; suggests study guidelines; and includes four full-length practice examinations.

The Best Test Preparation for the ASVAB

  • Filename: the-best-test-preparation-for-the-asvab.
  • ISBN: 073860108X
  • Release Date: 2005-07
  • Number of pages: 537
  • Author: Julian P. Keenan
  • Publisher: Palabra

Get the most out of your military career with REA’s ASVAB test prep. Our ASVAB experts show you how to score high and get the results that will take you further in the military. New 6th edition features targeted reviews of all tested areas: Arithmetic Reasoning; Auto & Shop Knowledge; Fundamentals of Electronics; General Science; Math Knowledge; Mechanical Comprehension; Paragraph Reading Comprehension; and Word Knowledge! Build test-taking skills with 3 full-length practice tests, which are carefully derived from the most recently administered ASVAB exams. Practice-test questions are thoroughly explained in full detail for smarter studying. TESTware software on CD-ROM features: - 2 of the book’s practice exams in timed, computerized format for the closest experience to taking a live exam - Automatic & instant scoring for immediate feedback - Detailed on-screen explanations to all questions System Requirements: Windows 98 or later, 64 MB Available RAM, Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher

ASVAB Study Guide 2014

  • Filename: asvab-study-guide-2014.
  • ISBN: 0989818810
  • Release Date: 2013-09
  • Number of pages: 317
  • Author: Regina Bradley
  • Publisher:

Are you prepared for the ASVAB? If you are thinking about enlisting in the United States military, the ASVAB might be the most important exam you ever take. You owe it to yourself, your friends, your family, and your country to do the best you can because this is your chance to demonstrate your strengths so that you can make the most of yourself and have better opportunities in the military, regardless of which branch you join. Many people worry about taking the ASVAB for various reasons: Maybe you didn t do so well in high school? Maybe you didn t graduate from high school at all? Maybe you think it s been too long since you were in school and you ve forgotten everything? Maybe you just aren t a good test taker? No matter what your situation, Secrets to Conquering the ASVAB Study Guide is your solution. What makes Secrets to Conquering the ASVAB Study Guide your best option to succeed? -The author is a veteran AND a professional ASVAB & AFQT tutor. Other books might be written by a vet s, but what real world tutoring experience do they have? -FAST! Don t spend hours longer than you have to studying to prepare for the AFQT. Secrets to Conquering the AFQT is 25% shorter than many AFQT study guides without sacrificing content. - NO JUNK! No extra stuff just to fill up a page to make our book seem more important. - EASY! Our study guide uses an easy to read format with detailed and easy to understand lessons and explanations. -PROVEN! Secrets to Conquering the AFQT is based on successful real world tutoring style. - PRACTICE! Hundreds of ASVAB practice questions with explanations to help you understand each concept, not just generalized practice exams that don t help you ID mistakes you might be making. Whether you think you are already ready for the exam, or worried because you can t remember the last time you even took a test, Secrets to Conquering the ASVAB Study Guide is your fast, easy, and reliable solution to be sure you start your career in the military on the right foot.

ASVAB 2016 Science Practice Test Book 100 General Science Questions for the ASVAB Exam

  • Filename: asvab-2016-science-practice-test-book-100-general-science-questions-for-the-asvab-exam.
  • ISBN: 1533137595
  • Release Date: 2016-05-09
  • Number of pages: 86
  • Author: Strategic Test Strategic Test Prep Solutions ASVAB Group
  • Publisher:

Strategic Test Prep Solutions brings you the ASVAB Practice Test Books series. Written, reviewed, and edited by teachers and tutors, each title contains 100 ASVAB practice test questions with step-by-step solutions. Save time by simply working through test questions instead of reading a long, boring study guide. Save money by purchasing only practice questions for the subjects you need help with. Study strategically with Strategic Test Prep Solutions, and ace the test! The ASVAB 2016 Science Practice Test Book covers the General Science subtest of the ASVAB exam and includes the following topics: GEOLOGY: -The Earth's Structure -Magnetic Poles -Types of Rocks -Plate Tectonics -Geologic Time Scale -Hydrologic Cycle METEOROLOGY: -The Atmosphere -Clouds -Weather Fronts ASTRONOMY: -The Sun -The Planets -Earth -The Moon -Eclipses -Comets and Asteroids -Meteors/Meteorites/Meteoroids MECHANICAL FOUNDATIONS: -Mass & Weight -Force -Acceleration & Velocity -Distance -Momentum -Energy -Work -Power ELECTRICITY: -The Atom -Electrical Charge -Voltage & Current -Resistance -Ohm's Law BIOLOGY FOUNDATIONS: -Classification of Organisms -Basics of Evolution -Genetics CHEMISTRY FOUNDATIONS: -Basic Chemistry Terms -The Periodic Table PHYSICS FOUNDATIONS: -Units -Newton's Laws -Kinetic Energy, Potential Energy & Work ADVANCED BIOLOGY: -Cell Organization -Mitosis & Meiosis -Fungi, Bacteria & Viruses -Plant Function & Reproduction -Photosynthesis ECOLOGY: -Ecosystems -Food Chain ADVANCED CHEMISTRY: -Chemical Bonding -pH -Acids & Bases -Physical Reactions vs. Chemical Reactions ADVANCED PHYSICS: -Acceleration, Velocity & Distance in Linear Motion -Acceleration, Velocity & Distance in Circular Motion -Centripetal Force -Friction Resistance & Friction Coefficients -Collision & Momentum Conservation THE HUMAN BODY -Basic Nutrition -Minerals, Vitamins, Fiber & Water -Skeletal, Muscular & Integumentary Systems -Respiratory, Excretory & Circulatory Systems -Nervous System -Peripheral Nervous System -Reproductive System -Digestive System -Endocrine System Be sure to check out our other titles in this series: ASVAB Mathematics - covers the Arithmetic Reasoning and Mathematics Knowledge subtests of the ASVAB exam ASVAB English - covers the Paragraph Comprehension and Word Knowledge subtests of the ASVAB exam ASVAB Special Skills - covers the Mechanical Comprehension, Electronics Info, and Auto/Shop subtests of the ASVAB exam ASVAB Complete - combines all 4 books into 1, covering the 8 major subtests of the ASVAB exam

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