alias Grace

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  • Author: Margaret Atwood
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Toronto, 1843: Das junge Dienstmädchen Grace wird mit sechzehn des Doppelmordes an ihren Arbeitgebern schuldig gesprochen. In letzter Sekunde wandelt das Gericht ihr Todesurteil in eine lebenslange Gefängnisstrafe um. Sie verbringt Jahre hinter Gittern, bis man sie schließlich entlässt. Im Haushalt des Anstaltdirektors begegnet sie dem Nervenarzt Simon, der ihrer Geschichte auf den Grund gehen will: Ist Grace eine gemeingefährliche Verbrecherin oder unschuldig? Margaret Atwood hat einen Roman von hypnotischer Spannung geschrieben, der die Geschichte einer realen Gestalt, einer der berüchtigtsten Frauen Kanadas erzählt.

Alias Grace

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A Study Guide for Margaret Atwood s Alias Grace

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A Study Guide for Margaret Atwood's "Alias Grace," excerpted from Gale's acclaimed Novels for Students. This concise study guide includes plot summary; character analysis; author biography; study questions; historical context; suggestions for further reading; and much more. For any literature project, trust Novels for Students for all of your research needs.

In Search of Alias Grace

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Margaret Atwood's novel Alias Grace is based on the murder of Thomas Kinnear and his mistress Nancy Montgomery in 1843. Kinnear's manservant was hung for the crime, but the execution of his supposed accomplice Grace Marks, owing to her "feeble sex" and "extreme youth," was commuted to life. The entire event excited widespread interest although few agreed that justice had been served. Some denounced Grace as a cunning demon, others considered her a terrorized victim of circumstance and pleaded for mercy. These opinions were influenced by various political and religious agendas of the day as well as by Victorian views on gender, class and justice. Little concrete evidence was identified, and journalists contradicted one and other. Everyone who ever set pen to paper on the subject of Grace seems to have been intensely subjective. In In Search of Alias Grace, Margaret Atwood describes her own search for the facts, what she found out, what eluded her grasp and how this process shaped her novel.

Postmodernism in Margaret Atwoods Alias Grace

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Seminar paper from the year 2015 in the subject Literature - Canada, grade: 2,0, , language: English, abstract: The aim of this term paper is to exemplify the central key features in Postmodernism and to analyse in how far Margaret Atwood manages to make use of them in her novel "Alias Grace". Besides, I will concentrate on Atwood’s strategies to integrate the postmodern features into the novel and to illustrate them to the reader. The first part of the term paper will be concerned with a general overview of Genette’s categories of discourse-oriented Narratology and the postmodern features Fragmentation, Subjectivity, Indeterminacy and Alienation. More precisely, I will define these features and will concentrate on the most important characteristics which can be linked to the novel. I will mention Genette’s Narrative Theory because it is especially important when dealing with Fragmentation. The second part will be concerned with these postmodern features with reference to "Alias Grace". Concerning Fragmentation, I am going to illustrate the interchanging narratives in the novel. When dealing with Subjectivity, I will analyse in how far different narratives of the story are subjective. By pointing out several passages in which open questions remain and the reader has to interpret on his own, I will discuss Indeterminacy. After doing so, I am going to point out in how far Fragmentation, Subjectivity and Indeterminacy lead to an Alienation of the reader. At the end of the term paper, a conclusion will be drawn in which one can see in how far Atwood uses postmodern elements in her novel.

A Textual Quilt

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Margaret Atwood s Alias Grace

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  • Author: Gina Wisker
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Continuum Contemporaries will be a wonderful source of ideas and inspiration for members of book clubs and readings groups, as well as for literature students.The aim of the series is to give readers accessible and informative introductions to 30 of the most popular, most acclaimed, and most influential novels of recent years. A team of contemporary fiction scholars from both sides of the Atlantic has been assembled to provide a thorough and readable analysis of each of the novels in question. The books in the series will all follow the same structure: a biography of the novelist, including other works, influences, and, in some cases, an interview; a full-length study of the novel, drawing out the most important themes and ideas; a summary of how the novel was received upon publication; a summary of how the novel has performed since publication, including film or TV adaptations, literary prizes, etc.; a wide range of suggestions for further reading, including websites and discussion forums; and a list of questions for reading groups to discuss.

Margaret Atwood s Alias Grace A Crime Novel

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Seminar paper from the year 2001 in the subject American Studies - Literature, grade: 1,7 (A-), http: // (Institute for Anglistics/American Studies), course: Aspects of the 'Crime Novel' in Canada and Austalia, 7 entries in the bibliography, language: English, abstract: With her recent novel Alias Grace Margaret Atwood has turned to the field of historical writing. In her novel which is set in 19th century Canada the female protagonist Grace Marks is a convicted murderess who is accused of having killed her master Thomas Kinnear and his mistress, another servant of the house, Nancy Montgomery. At the time Grace was sentenced to death and it was only her claimed madness that saved her from the gallows. When Simon Jordan decides he wants to study Grace's case and cure her from her amnesia, Grace tells him her life story and also the event of the crime is again being brought up, though Grace cannot remember the crime scene itself or having committed the crime. Even though a murder has been committed as one can expect in a crime novel and we can only but assume that Grace has had some part in it, the crime is not the focus of the novel, but rather Grace's story and what we as readers make of it. The novel goes to explore Grace's life, her story telling and therewith her personality. It is left to the reader to decide whether or not he believes Grace story and accepts her as being innocent. In what way this quest for the truth goes with the notion of a crime novel, shall be investigated in this paper

Alias Grace

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Novels by Margaret Atwood

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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Commentary (novels not included). Pages: 26. Chapters: Alias Grace, Bodily Harm (novel), Cat's Eye (novel), Lady Oracle, Life Before Man, Oryx and Crake, Surfacing (novel), The Blind Assassin, The Edible Woman, The Handmaid's Tale, The Penelopiad, The Robber Bride, The Year of the Flood. Excerpt: The Handmaid's Tale is a dystopian novel, a work of science fiction or speculative fiction, written by Canadian author Margaret Atwood and first published by McClelland and Stewart in 1985. Set in the near future, in a totalitarian Christian theocracy which has overthrown the United States government, The Handmaid's Tale explores themes of women in subjugation and the various means by which they gain agency. The novel's title was inspired by Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales, which is a series of connected stories ("The Merchant's Tale," "The Parson's Tale," etc.). The Handmaid's Tale won the 1985 Governor General's Award and the first Arthur C. Clarke Award in 1987, and it was nominated for the 1986 Nebula Award, the 1986 Booker Prize, and the 1987 Prometheus Award. It has been adapted for the cinema, radio, opera, and stage. The Handmaid's Tale is set in the near future in the Republic of Gilead, a country formed within the borders of what was formerly the United States of America. It was founded by a racist, homophobic, christian, nativist, theocratic-organized military coup as an ideologically driven response to the pervasive ecological, physical and social degradation of the country. Beginning with a staged terrorist attack (blamed on Islamic extremist terrorists) that kills the President and most of Congress, a movement calling itself the "Sons of Jacob" launches a revolution and suspends the United States Constitution under the pretext of restoring order. Taking advantage of electronic banking, they were quickly able to freeze...

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