Das letzte Leuchten der Jugend

  • Filename: das-letzte-leuchten-der-jugend.
  • ISBN: 9783944485010
  • Release Date: 2013-06-25
  • Number of pages: 260
  • Author: Stefan Meinzer
  • Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

... ich stehe vor dir ohne den Begriff der Liebe, vielleicht ist dieses das Unmogliche, das Unfassliche: keinen Begriff der Liebe zu haben - und dennoch zu lieben! Desmond, Afroamerikaner aus New York, Modell eines Berliner Malers, und Oron, der auf der griechischen Insel Santorin lebende Israeli: mit beiden jungen Mannern verbindet den Erzahler eine zunehmend sich verdichtende Liebesgeschichte. Ein Jahr nach der Niederschrift eines das Malermodell beschworenden Textes lasst der Zufall Desmond und den Erzahler aufeinandertreffen. Desmond tritt aus seiner kunstlichen Bildlichkeit heraus in die Wirklichkeit eines Zusammenseins, das beide in drei jahrlichen Begegnungen durch Berliner Nachte und in eine wachsende Nahe zueinander fuhrt. Zur selben Zeit lernt der Erzahler Oron kennen, der in Frankfurt einer journalistischen Auftragsarbeit nachgeht. Wahrend eines Aufenthalts auf Santorin im Mai und Orons Gegenbesuch in Frankfurt Ende 2001 durchleben der Deutsche und der Jude ihre ambivalente wechselseitige Anziehung, die Oron - enger in die weltpolitischen Vorgange jener Zeit eingebunden als er preisgibt - in eine mehr und mehr bedrohlich erscheinende Fremdheit hinein entruckt. Das Unerhorte der Begegnung mit Desmond und das Unheimliche der Verbindung zu Oron, das die Welt erschutternde Ereignis des 11. Septembers und die unkonventionelle Liebe unter Mannern sturzen den Erzahler in eine tiefe Verstorung, die ihm Einblicke in die Abgrunde nicht nur des mannlichen Begehrens vermittelt, und der er am Ende nur als Schreibender und Liebender standzuhalten vermag ... Das letzte Leuchten der Jugend ist das so schonungslose wie fesselnde Zeugnis eines prekaren Daseins, das zwischen den einander widerstreitenden Kraften Kunst und Politik, Liebe und Begehren, Leben und Schreiben, Du und Ich seinen Ort sucht.

A Kind of Love Story

  • Filename: a-kind-of-love-story.
  • ISBN: 9780297871897
  • Release Date: 2016-10-20
  • Number of pages: 368
  • Author: Tom Sellers
  • Publisher: Hachette UK

The story behind life in a world-renown Michelin-starred restaurant. Tom Sellers is a luminary of the British culinary scene. His Restaurant Story opened its doors in April 2013; its innovative literary-inspired menu, taking diners on 'a personal journey through food', has won him huge critical and public acclaim. Story was awarded its first Michelin star just five months after opening. This stunning book will be your chance to enter the visionary mind of one of the most original chefs of our time, and discover the truth behind the tales of his brilliant food.

Two of a kind

  • Filename: two-of-a-kind.
  • ISBN: 0440086701
  • Release Date: 1980
  • Number of pages: 218
  • Author: Patrick Cauvin
  • Publisher:

Some Kind of Love Story

  • Filename: some-kind-of-love-story.
  • ISBN: 0822210533
  • Release Date: 1983
  • Number of pages: 47
  • Author: Arthur Miller
  • Publisher: Dramatists Play Service Inc

THE STORY: Angela, a hard-bitten call-girl, is visited by Tom, a private detective of long acquaintance, who is convinced that she can supply information about a murder case which, some years earlier, resulted in a miscarriage of justice. As Tom plays on their former closeness, trying to draw out the facts he seeks, Angela withdraws behind a schizophrenic screen of multiple personalities ranging from a brazen creature named Leontyne, to a shrinking violet called Emily, to a haughty English-woman named Renata. Doggedly persistent, Tom does, in the end, break through the fears which have driven Angela to hide the truth within herself. With chilling intensity she pours through a tale of duplicity and corruption and recounts how an innocent man ended up paying for the crimes of others. As the play ends Tom offers to drive Angela to her next assignation-relieved that his quest has ended but, at the same time, disturbed by the knowledge that his worst fears have been borne out.

Two of a Kind

  • Filename: two-of-a-kind.
  • ISBN: 1480913057
  • Release Date: 2015-06-01
  • Number of pages: 258
  • Author: J. Carson Elliott
  • Publisher:

Two of a Kind: An Erotic Love Story is a coming-of-age tale of a young woman who, after an extremely sheltered childhood, arrives at college to discover a stimulating world about which she had previously only fantasized. With her roommate, Amy, Nikki learns to fully explore her sexuality as a lesbian and comes to appreciate the depths of the relationships she develops with other women, despite facing a series of losses and challenges. While the heart of Two of a Kind is graphically erotic, readers will surely find the story an absorbing and heartwarming romance. ABOUT THE AUTHOR J. CARSON ELLIOTT spent most of his life in southern New England. A graduate of the University of Connecticut, he placed his B.A. degree aside following graduation and spent the next 30 years as a radio personality, station Music Director, and commercial voice-over artist, working half his career at popular WELI radio in New Haven, CT, from 1981-1995 as Jay McCormick. During his colorful radio career, Jay McCormick emceed concerts by America, Eric Carmen, and Chuck Berry; interviewed such diverse celebrities as comedians Jerry Lewis and Robert Klein, singers Paul Anka, Bobby Vinton and Paul Stookey, actress/singer Pia Zadora (Butterfly), and actor Barry Williams from TV's "The Brady Bunch;" taught announcing for several years at Connecticut School of Broadcasting; and even spent 10 days working as an AFTRA-SAG movie extra on Martha's Vineyard during the 1974 filming of Jaws. Mr. Elliott also did some acting in community theater and dabbled successfully in business as the owner of Sweet Tooth Distributing (a dessert-cake restaurant distributor) and Road Watch Traffic (a daily traffic-reporting service for radio stations). Besides writing, in his spare time the author enjoys hiking, rock-hounding, lapidary arts, bicycling, cooking, gardening and landscaping, Nature study, photography, and is a self-described movie addict. Mr. Elliott is a fervent supporter of animal rights, protection, and pet adoption, and believes in strict conservation of our National Parks, public lands, and waterways. Married twice and currently single, Mr. Elliott lives most of the year in the American Southwest with his beloved red-golden retriever by his side.

Sirens of the Western Shore

  • Filename: sirens-of-the-western-shore.
  • ISBN: 9780231510745
  • Release Date: 2006-11-06
  • Number of pages: 344
  • Author: Indra Levy
  • Publisher: Columbia University Press

Indra Levy introduces a new archetype in the study of modern Japanese literature: the "Westernesque femme fatale," an alluring figure who is ethnically Japanese but evokes the West in her physical appearance, lifestyle, behavior, and, most important, her use of language. She played conspicuous roles in landmark works of modern Japanese fiction and theater. Levy traces the lineage of the Westernesque femme fatale from her first appearance in the vernacularist fiction of the late 1880s to her development in Naturalist fiction of the mid-1900s and, finally, to her spectacular embodiment by the modern Japanese actress in the early 1910s with the advent of Naturalist theater. In all cases the Westernesque femme fatale both attracts and confounds the self-consciously modern male intellectual through a convention-defying use of language. What does this sirenlike figure reveal about the central concerns of modern Japanese literature? Levy proposes that the Westernesque femme fatale be viewed as the hallmark of an intertextual exoticism that prizes the strange beauty of modern Western writing. By illuminating the exoticist impulses that gave rise to this archetype, Levy offers a new understanding of the relationships between vernacular style and translation, original and imitation, and writing and performance within a cross-cultural context. A seamless blend of narrative, performance, translation, and gender studies, this work will have a profound impact on the critical discourse on this formative period of modern Japanese literature.

Publishing Lives

  • Filename: publishing-lives.
  • ISBN: 0930773411
  • Release Date: 1996
  • Number of pages: 570
  • Author: Jerome Gold
  • Publisher: Black Heron Press

In Publishing Lives, publishers from 31 independent presses talk about how they came to publishing and why they stayed ( or didn't), the mistakes they made, their relationships with authors, the problems of growth, definitions of success, why they do or do not seek grants, their relationships with distributors, bookstores, New York and Toronto, and each other. More than just a directory, Publishing Lives presents these publishers as the spiritual heirs of the nineteenth-century founders of the great New York houses.

Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia

  • Filename: bring-me-the-head-of-alfredo-garcia.
  • ISBN: 9780231502078
  • Release Date: 2012-07-16
  • Number of pages: 128
  • Author: Ian Cooper
  • Publisher: Columbia University Press

In 1974, The Wall Street Journal called this movie "grotesque, sadistic, irrational, obscene, incompetent," while New York Magazine declared it "a catastrophe." Upon its initial release, Sam Peckinpah´s notorious work took a critical and commercial nosedive, but in later years, the work was heralded as a demented masterpiece& mdash;a violent, hallucinatory autobiography and a brilliant example of "pure Peckinpah." This study revisits the making of this controversial film, as well as its original reception and subsequent reassessment. It reads the project as an auteur work, a genre film, a confession, and a bizarre self-parody.

Pioneer Woman

  • Filename: pioneer-woman.
  • ISBN: 9781447211044
  • Release Date: 2012-01-19
  • Number of pages: 352
  • Author: Ree Drummond
  • Publisher: Pan Macmillan

Living the high life in LA – cocktail parties, exotic restaurants and a cosmopolitan boyfriend – Ree Drummond thinks she’s got it all figured out. But, try as she might, she can’t shake the feeling that something is missing. Returning to her hometown to get her life in order, Ree is struck by a bolt of lightning - a blue-eyed, strong-jawed, enigmatic cowboy. She calls him Marlboro Man, and though he’s a million miles away from anything she’s ever known before, their attraction is undeniable. But with her family coming apart at the seams, her ex-boyfriend still on the scene, and a new career waiting for her in the city, their courtship is far from simple. As life on the ranch beckons (complete with cows, horses, prairie fires and lots of manure), is she really ready to trade in her high heels for Wranglers? Heartwarming, funny and passionate, Pioneer Woman is a story of romance against the odds, and of how love can find you in the most unexpected places.

Not Always to Plan

  • Filename: not-always-to-plan.
  • ISBN: 9781743342053
  • Release Date: 2013-04-01
  • Number of pages: 434
  • Author: Colin Bisset
  • Publisher: Pan

Death and marriage, money and love: this family is about to find out what happens when their lives collide with the unexpected. The Dorman family lives a humdrum existence in a surfing suburb of Sydney until they are rocked by upheaval. Change is inevitable, but is it welcome? All that is certain is that each member of the family will have to confront new truths about themselves, some less comfortable than others. Set against a backdrop of Sydney's stunning beaches, the architecture of Europe and the enchanting beauty of southern India, this warmly humorous book tackles what happens when life doesn't go exactly to plan.

Historical Romance Fiction

  • Filename: historical-romance-fiction.
  • ISBN: 9781409478478
  • Release Date: 2013-05-28
  • Number of pages: 186
  • Author: Dr Lisa Fletcher
  • Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

The first book-length study of romance novels to focus on issues of sexuality rather than gender, Historical Romance Fiction moves the ongoing debate about the value and appeal of heterosexual romance onto new ground, testing the claims of cutting-edge critical theorists on everything from popular classics by Georgette Heyer, to recent 'bodice rippers,' to historical fiction by John Fowles and A.S. Byatt. Beginning with her nomination of 'I love you' as the romance novel's defining speech act, Lisa Fletcher engages closely with speech-act theory and recent studies of performativity. The range of texts serves to illustrate Fletcher's definition of historical romance as a fictional mode dependent on the force and familiarity of the speech act, 'I love you', and permits Fletcher to provide a detailed account of the genre's history and development in both its popular and 'literary' manifestations. Written from a feminist and anti-homophobic perspective, Fletcher's subtle arguments about the romantic speech act serve to demonstrate the genre's dependence on repetition ('Romance can only quote') and the shaky ground on which the romance's heterosexual premise rests. Her exploration of the subgenre of cross-dressing novels is especially revealing in this regard. With its deft mix of theoretical arguments and suggestive close readings, Fletcher's book will appeal to specialists in genre, speech act and performativity theory, and gender studies.

A Forever Kind of Love

  • Filename: a-forever-kind-of-love.
  • ISBN: 9781537834955
  • Release Date: 2017-10-03
  • Number of pages: 361
  • Author: Krista Lakes
  • Publisher: Zirconia Publishing, Incorporated

“I’ve wanted this all my life,” he said. “I want you.” Carter Between running a company and a recent attempt on his life, billionaire Carter Williamson doesn’t need any more stress. So when a trio of orphan children breaks into the Colorado ranch he’s hiding out in, his first instinct is to just let the police handle it. That was before their spunky social worker Mia showed up. Mia Mia Amesworth has worked hard to make sure that the Smith kids aren’t separated from each other, but she can only do so much. With her own body unable to produce children, the kids are the closest thing to a family she’s got. When the handsome ranch owner offers to let the three troublemakers pay for the damages with hard work over the summer, she happily accepts. When he suggests they go on a date, she can’t say yes fast enough. Even though Carter’s secret assailant keeps threatening him, he feels like he might be falling for the small town girl. And though Mia knows that a family might not be in the cards for her future, she longs to create a life with Carter. And then, a miracle happens...

OCD Love Story

  • Filename: ocd-love-story.
  • ISBN: 9781442457348
  • Release Date: 2013-07-23
  • Number of pages: 352
  • Author: Corey Ann Haydu
  • Publisher: Simon and Schuster

In this “raw and well-crafted (Kirkus Reviews)” romance, Bea learns that some things just can’t be controlled. When Bea meets Beck, she knows instantly that he’s her kind of crazy. Sweet, strong, kinda-messed-up Beck understands her like no one else can. He makes her feel almost normal. He makes her feel like she could fall in love again. But despite her feelings for Beck, Bea can’t stop thinking about someone else: a guy who is gorgeous and magnetic…and has no idea Bea even exists. But Bea spends a lot of time watching him. She has a journal full of notes. Some might even say she’s obsessed. Bea tells herself she’s got it all under control. But this isn’t a choice, it’s a compulsion. The truth is, she’s breaking down…and she might end up breaking her own heart.

A Wonderful Kind of Love

  • Filename: a-wonderful-kind-of-love.
  • ISBN: 9781537834924
  • Release Date: 2017-10-03
  • Number of pages: 315
  • Author: Krista Lakes
  • Publisher: Zirconia Publishing, Incorporated

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” she whispered, pushing her hips against his. The way his pupils dilated nearly did her in. Ethan There are only two things that make billionaire Ethan White’s heart race: fast cars and Laura Corbett. Unfortunately, Laura wants nothing to do with his playboy ways. Ethan thinks that everyone has the wrong idea about him, including his stalker, and he’s determined to prove them all wrong. When Ethan’s business partner wants to open a new car R&D facility in Colorado, he jumps at the opportunity to be closer to his two passions. Laura Thrust into the new responsibility of raising her siblings by the death of her parents, Laura Corbett doesn’t have time for awkward hookups, let alone a relationship. So when the billionaire she had a one night stand with shows up in town, she pretends he doesn’t exist. She can’t let anything come between her and her family. But nothing can prepare her for the way that Ethan connects with her brother and sister. And she can’t deny the fact that jumping in his bed makes her come alive. Everything seems like it’ll be normal again, maybe even better than normal. But Ethan’s stalker disagrees...

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